About National Platform GOV.SA

What is the Unified National Platform GOV.SA?

It is an ambitious journey that aims to build an integrated model for providing high quality and efficient government services. Whether you are a citizen, resident, business owner or visitor, you can access the government services via omni-channel experience that is personalized and proactive.

The Vision of Unified National Platform GOV.SA:

The world standard for unified governmental services.

The Channels of Unified National Platform GOV.SA:

We provide our services via several channels that work together simultaneously in order to provide you with a convenient experience which incorporates the latest technologies.

The Channels of GOV.SA

The Features of Unified National Platform GOV.SA:




A single point with unified digital identity that provides you with an access to all the government services quickly and easily from anywhere at any time.



A single source for all the government information and services to ensure that you have an efficient and effective experience with accuracy and clarity.



The services are created according to your needs and life stages to provide you with seamless, convenient and connected experience.

Last Modified Date: 24/11/2020 - 11:25 AM Saudi Arabia Time

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