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The health law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to provide comprehensive health care for all people in a fair and accessible manner. The Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Health, provides an integrated network of health care services covering all regions of the Kingdom. The Ministry, in cooperation with the regions councils, identifies the needs, locations and levels of providing care according to the geographical and demographic situation and patterns of prevalent disease in the region. It also provides health care services based on the fact that the patient is the core of the health system and not just a part of it. The health services system is all about meeting the patient’s health needs at the right time and place, starting with primary health care, to specialized treatment services. The health care in the government medical facilities is provided for citizens for free and based on a new health care law that meets the needs of the health sector.

Health Facilities

Provides health care services to more than 31 million citizens and residents, as well as several million visitors during Hajj and Umrah through the health facilities that includes medical cities, specialized hospitals, university and military hospitals and primary care centers.
In order to facilitate beneficiaries access to the health service as well as facilitating their transfer between care types, the Ministry of Health is seeking to launch health clusters in the Kingdom’s regions. The Health Cluster is an integrated network of health care providers under one administrative structure, serving 1 million people and allowing mobility of medical professionals within the health clusters system. Some of the health clusters that launched are: Riyadh Health Cluster One and the Second Health Cluster in Central Region.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

In the belief of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the Ministry of Health to empower patients and involve them in the decisions that support and improve the services provided, The ministry is committed to clarify the rights and responsibilities of patients towards the health facility in the rights of patients and their families document, in cooperation with the competent authorities in the field of providing health care services taking into consideration the human, social, and national rights and duties guaranteed by the system to individuals to improve the level of service provided and increase the patients trust in health facilities and the consolidation of health and humanitarian work shared between service providers and recipients at all levels.

Health Care Services

Service Description
Mawid Service An e-service provided by the Ministry of Health, to enable patients to book, cancel or reschedule their appointments at primary health care centers, as well as managing these appointments by modifying or canceling them as well as managing their referral appointments taking into account all types of society, the service can be accessed through several methods, including an electronic access, such as downloading the application on smart phones or using the website, or by calling the service center (937) or going directly to the Center and booking the appointment.
(937) Emergency Call Center A free direct line to receive calls from patients and their families regarding health, such as providing medical consultations by doctors working around the clock, providing medical advice and instructions in cases of poisoning, and receiving reports and complaints related to the health system.
(997) Emergency and Ambulance Services All hospitals and health centers of the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority provide emergency health services. These services include rapid response to emergencies and free emergency transportation.
Treatment outside the place of residence In the case of domestic or abroad patient treatment transfer, the Ministry of Health is responsible for the expenses of patients and their companions during the treatment period according to the regulations for expenses of referral of Saudi patients and their companions for treatment outside their place of residence. Beneficiaries can also inquire about abroad treatment request electronically, the service enables them to follow up their transaction submitted to the Medical Commissions and Health Attachés.
Vaccination Reminder Service An e-service provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) within the framework of its efforts to maintain the health of children in the Kingdom, and protect them and the community groups of diseases, this service reminds parents of the deadlines of the basic vaccinations against diseases targeted by immunization according to the MOH vaccinations schedule , by sending a reminding message of the vaccination date to the mobile or e-mail a week before the vaccination.
Dispensation of medicines Medicines are distributed by pharmacies of government health facilities to citizens for free, as well as via the electronic prescription service (Wasfaty) through commercial pharmacies approved in the system to facilitate beneficiaries access at anytime and anywhere.

Health care during the Hajj season

The Ministry of Health provides free and integrated health services to pilgrims during Hajj and various seasons through a network of hospitals and health centers that have been established for this purpose, in addition to hospitals and centers operating throughout the year. The Ministry also provides a range of different treatment services as well as minor and critical surgeries, inpatient services, and pharmacological vaccines for pilgrims and Umra performers.

  • Health services during the Hajj season documentary
  • Hajj Visiting Manpower Participation Service: This service enables medical and technical staff specialized in some delicate specialties to apply for participation as part of MOH’s hajj visiting manpower. This service targets health practitioners required from inside and outside the kingdom to benefit from them during hajj season for operating MOH’s health facilities in the holy sites, as well as enhancing some hospitals in Makkah and Madinah. Interested applicants should register and submit their required documents via the service’s page, so that the Ministry can select qualified cadres with required specialties according to what will be announced.

Hosting foreign wounded and injured people

In dealing quickly with humanitarian and critical situations, the Kingdom hosts some foreign wounded and injured people and provides them with specialized treatment services at the highest levels. The Kingdom also regularly hosts conjoined twins for surgical separation.

Foreign health care

Public hospitals treatment are for all people, especially in critical cases where all classes and races disappear and the human level remains to be the determinant of providing the treatment in public hospitals, whether this treatment is for the citizen or foreign patient, especially in critical cases such as traffic accidents, fractures, burns or suffocation. In 2005, the compulsory health insurance was issued for non-Saudis that works in the Kingdom under the Cooperative Health Insurance Law and its executive regulations.

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