National Digital Transformation partnerships

DGA’S vision and goals of partnerships

The Digital Government Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very committed to collaboration and cooperation. A sound partnership can achieve success in realization of goals and implementation of development following a set strategy. 
There is a well-articulated path for enhancing partnerships for the Digital Government Authority. This path takes shape following two tracks in three different levels. Such partnership is not limited to one track or the other, but it is implemented conveniently as needs and interests develop. The first track is partnership to cooperate with another entity or more, helping to develop digital transformation in Saudi Arabia. The other is collaboration where partnerships with others work to achieve common goals for both partners. The level of partnerships depend on who are the partners. The first level is defined by the national partners involved such as entities and other government authorities. The second relates to partners who are from other countries, such as other government bodies or private actors, in both modes: bilateral, or multilateral. The third type is when partners are international organizations such the United Nations.  
The overarching trend in the policy of DGA towards collaboration and cooperation is to enhance  implementation methodologies and invigorate the global partnership for sustainable development. Collaboration can assist and secure successful achievement of the global goals. In addition, special emphasis is placed on encouraging international investments and support to ensure innovative technological development, fair trade, and market access.

A Strategy of Cooperation and collaboration

The leadership of DGA adopted a culture of international cooperation,  within Digital Government Authority and highlighting the role of Saudi digital government globally. The strengthening of relations with others depended on the agility of DGA to build, develop and enhance cooperation and partnerships with digital counterparts of government agencies and relevant international organizations or agencies. Committed to this policy, DGA always advocated the ongoing presence in the international scene of digital governance and transformation, through continuous upgrades of participation plans and methods.
The partnerships are governed by mutual international agreements and memoranda with relevant agencies. This included not only projects but also research activities, participating actively in international committees, conferences, seminars, workshops, and coordinating with the organizers.
A significant policy is always adopted ongoing contribution to the development of digital government in Saudi Arabia, creating compatibility with international indicators, and achieving advanced ranks globally in the field of digital government.
According to this strategic way of  thinking, DGA bases its cooperation and collaboration with other entities, whether national or international, on the ability to achieve progress along these needs:
  • Managing Digital Government Authority's projects and initiatives with regional and international organizations and agencies.
  • Participating in all projects related to international organizations, agencies, and events (locally and internationally), including committees or projects.
  • Managing committees and projects with digital transformation partners.
  • Preparing studies and submitting recommendations regarding international and local partnerships.
  • Keeping aware of relevant reports and publications issued by international organizations and agencies.

 Digital Consulting Program

In line with its effort to accelerate the Digital Government transformation, the digital government authority announced the launch of the first phase of its “Digital Consulting Program”. The program was initiated by DGA within the context of collaboration with other government entities and stakeholders with the main goal of providing digital capabilities necessary to operate and expand the scope of digital services and enrich the digital experience through a wide range of digital advisory services, methodologies, practices, and applications. 
The program main objectives are the following:
  • Accelerate Government Digital Transformation and ensuring satisfied citizens
  • Provide innovative solutions and business models that offer comprehensive digital services to beneficiaries
  • Maximize the digital economy Contribution to the Kingdom GDP 
  • Align government entities digital agenda to the national and global objectives.
This program provides consultancy and advice in form of partnership when needed to enable the implementation of government entity initiatives and projects according to stated policies and procedures. It also provides motivation and assistance to plan ambitions and capabilities to adopt an agile and adaptive digital transformation strategy. It also provides technical assistance in implementing scaling to achieve sustainable impact by innovating inclusive and seamless digital solutions. 
The services provided in this program include, but not limited to, 
  • Digital Operating Model Evaluation
  • Digital Platforms Evaluation
  • Digital Transformation Strategy Evaluation 
  • Achieve sustainable impact by innovating inclusive and seamless digital solutions
Initially, the "Digital Consulting Program" provides services to review and provide assessment of essential digital transformation building blocks such as digital strategies, digital operating models, and digital platforms. In addition, the program would enable government entities to access a set of market research, innovation, and co-creation capabilities such as benchmarking studies, ideas generation labs, proof-of-concepts design, and business models transformation. The program introduces on-demand additional services that focus on improving the performance of government agencies in digital transformation and enable them to provide differentiated digital services in accordance with international best practices.
These services can be requested by government agencies and entities from DGA online.