Digital Projects and Services

Digital Services Provided to Government Agencies

The Kingdom empowers government agencies digitally through many programs by the Digital Government Authority and other digital transformation related agencies to provide citizens with uncomplicated services. 

  • Governmental Integration Channel (The Government Service Bus - GSB)

 The channel exchanges shared government data between the authorized entities to collaborate and provide e-government services efficiently, accurately, swiftly, and securely.

This Center completes many digital documentary services for various dealers (government, citizens, and businesses) while conducting various electronic operations with complete confidentiality, reliability, and safety and providing numerous services:

  • Government Certification Services:
    1. Turnkey service
    2. Link service
    3. Integration service
  • Governmental certification certificates:
    1. Secure Mail Certificate
    2. Name certificate
    3. Safe site certification
    4. Hardware Certification

Digital Government Authority has implemented an integrated platform, permitting all government agencies to exchange government correspondence and documents safely, straightforward, high-quality electronic correctness, saving time, effort, and cost, and striving for a paperless government.


Programs to Support and Empower Government Services

  • Digital Consulting Program:  The program aims to provide digital advisory services to government entities to expedite the government's digital transformation and adoption of innovative solutions
  • Digital Government Award: The Digital Government Innovation Award is fostering the building of an integrated digital society in Saudi Arabia which provides proactive digital services to contribute to improving the quality of life, achieving beneficiaries' satisfaction and becoming a leading digital government
  • Digital Transformation Measurement (Qiyas): A digital assessment tool that helps government agencies know the level of progress towards digital transformation.
  •  GovTech: GOVTECH encourage creativity. The emerging technologies can be applied at government agencies to enhance the efficiency of government services.
  • OSS:  "OSS" aims to avail the governmental open-source systems code which is aligned with organizing roles of OSS
  • QTECH: QTECH aims to raise the governmental capabilities in digital transformation through development programs and knowledge activities to build an active and efficient digital society

Services Provided to the Citizen

The Kingdom launched the Unified National Platform, dedicated to provide and share all government services through a unified experience, making services accessible to citizens, residents, entrepreneurs, and visitors through multiple channels. This platform proved to be a major tool to help citizens. Examples include, but not limited to, implementing governmental services helping citizens during the the pandemic  crisis (through COVID-19 platform) during , launching an  interactive  and  informative  website  for  distance learning Madrasaty, and broadcasting all the required links and instructions for working remotely. In fact, these services were so carefully designed and implemented: aunching the National Profile for citizens and residents, in which a citizen’s  information  is  made  available  to  government  entities  for  viewing, handling  and  providing  more than  30  services through the COVID-19 national reference platform, launching “Morajea”  App, for booking appointments to visit government entities and apply social distancing and increasing government digital services to increase the beneficiaries’ satisfaction rate.

Citizen Interaction Center (AMER)

Thousands of citizens use the electronic government agency services daily. Therefore, the Citizens Interaction 
Center (Amer) was launched to respond to all inquiries related to many communication channels of the electronic services:

  • Toll-Free
  • Text messages
  • Instant chat
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Social media channels

The center is equipped with visually interpreted services in sign language for the deaf, maintaining the privacy of women with female interpreters