Strategies Harmonization and coordination

Enhancing synergies and collaboration

Many national policies exist to facilitate the synergy and cooperation among different actors in national digital transformation. This implies that for some sectors, their strategies may have some areas and scope of work that may be partially included in another sector following a separate strategy. 
State-of-the-art technology is being adopted and integrated by the Saudi government in many digital transformation projects and sectors. These are driven by certain strategies, fulfilling objectives that are set according to government well-designed policies. The digital transformation covers several government entities, each having a specific mandate, role and action program driven by specific strategy, framework, and guidelines. Different types of strategies, policies, frameworks and regulations have been under development, with meticulous planning and high professional approaches in order to achieve objectives and goals, within the major national strategy of the Vision of 2030. All entities involved, particularly DGA, have been coordinating successful implementation of these strategies and action plans. Enhancing synergies and collaboration among entities that own strategies and policies is an effort that is shared by these entities. DGA is keen about promoting this collaboration to achieve maximum synergy, which would enable smooth implementation and growth towards the major strategy of the Vision of 2030

Dynamism of strategies and Change Management

Strategies may have to change during their active period due to critical developments which may require them to adopt such change. DGA has been keen about making sure that strategies and policies adopted and put into action are designed in a smart way such that measuring their impact and influence in directing the develop of the Kingdom wisely and surely, with optimal resources and shared efforts across sectors involved. This collaboration is instrumental in change management, particularly the Kingdom has adopted a high-level approach to change in the gwell-being and sustainable development of the society and the country as a while.


The following is a selected list of strategies, policies and frameworks that are individually examined by relevant entities to achieve synergy in the best way possible in order to facilitate implementation and harmonize development action.


The individual collaboration and synergy between government entities who are the owners, have specification role and track that characterize their strategies and policies. Their collaboration is done in close coordination based on three major professional management resources: Competitive Intelligence (CI), Knowledge Management (KM) and Technological Foresight (TF) as a strategic model of prospecting. The following is a list of the most relevant ones, but it is not by all means an exhaustive list.
The Kingdom’s Vision for 2030 Digital Government Regulatory Framework
National Data Governance Policies Digital Government Regulatory Framework | Digital Government Authority (
Saudi Cybersecurity Higher Education Framework (SCYBEREDU)
Cybersecurity Regulations in Information and Communications Technology and Postal Sector The Saudi Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (SCyWF)
National Cybersecurity Authority’s draft of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Cyber Security Framework Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
Legalization and Related Resolutions regarding digital certification,  Beneficiary Centricity Policy   
National Digital Transformation Unit’s Digital Economy Policy Research, Development and Innovation Authority’s RDI Governance and Regulatory Framework.
ICT Sector Strategy 2023  of the Ministry of Communications and Information technology
ICT Strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 
The Digital Economy Policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia