Tenders and Procurement

Regulation of government purchasing and procurement procedures is essential to Saudi’s efforts. This section specifies the goals of the government tenders and procurement laws when utilizing contracting services and consultancy and non-consultancy services. It will also provide awareness of the electronic government procurement system, also known as the Etimad Portal, which consolidates and facilitates government procurement for all government sectors. Here, you will become informed about the most important services Etimad provides, the statistical achievements, and an increase in the number of contracts and government tenders and procurements.

Saudi Arabia has strived to regulate government purchasing and procurement procedures, thereby maximizing the utilization of public funds when contracting services, consultancy and non-consultancy services, etc. The Government Tenders and Procurement Law was passed with its implementing regulations to regulate this process.

Goals of the Government Tenders and Procurement Law

  1. Regulating government tenders and procurement processes and preventing them from being influenced by personal interests, in the protection of public funds. 
  2. Achieving maximum economic self-sufficiency for procuring government purchases and achieving its projects at fair and competitive prices. 
  3. Enhancing integrity, transparency, and competitiveness, and ensuring fair treatment of contractors; ensuring equal opportunity. 
  4. Achieving transparency at every step of the government procurement process. 

The Electronic Government Procurement System - Etimad Portal

The Electronic Government Procurement System, the Etimad Porta, is one of the cornerstones of the Kingdom’s e-government. It works to consolidate and facilitate the bidding and government procurement process for all government sectors, enhancing transparency amongst government sectors on the one hand, and among competing entities on the other. The portal allows the largest segment of competitors to access bids, enhancing competitiveness and improving government projects' quality. The portal is an entirely digital gateway for posting government tenders, receiving invitations, obtaining fascicles, surveying bids and awarding contracts. The first preference is given to small and medium-sized exempt from preliminary insurance.

The most important services provided by Etimad for the private sector and individuals:

Open Data

The Ministry of Finance has provided a platform for freely available data for visitors and audiences of the Ministry's portal, which enable them to use and republish as they wish.  The portal provides a list containing a number of files with different data and they can be downloaded in several different formats. To access the Open Data Library, please click here

Etimad Highlights and Statistics

Since the platform launch (Jan 2018):
  • 2.8 M Payment orders
  • +250K ERKAB Order
  • 1.09B Contract Value
  • +570K Contract
  • +900K Proposal
  • +2M Financial Claim 

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