With increasing demand for comprehensive adoption of community participation, the Kingdom has sought to utilise the vast telecommunications network and Internet service present in the country, allowing the people participate in formulating solutions to issues of public interest, owing to the fact that community participation is the cornerstone of providing government services centered around citizens’ needs. This comes in addition to utilising information technology and telecommunications to allow even more community involvement in governance, including the design and implementation of government services, constructing policies, and informing decision-making. 

Guide to Introducing Social Media e-Participation Tools by Saudi Government Agencies

This guide is the fruit of cooperation between YESSER and a wide spectrum of government agencies, academic institutions, private sector organizations and NGOs. By sharing their advice, expertise and means, all parties have made significant contribution to creating the guide. YESSER is pleased to express its gratitude and appreciation to all those who took part.



Overview of Eparticipation portals

The Kingdom encourages popular participation at large through its various governing bodies, through a number of electronic portals that support facilitate the interaction between the populace and the respective government bodies, allowing for a smarter offering of services overall. 

Watani App
Watani is an electronic application provided by Adaa, the National Center for Performance Measurement, and allows every citizen and resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to transparently voice their level of satisfaction with government services; to facilitate the improvement of said services, Adaa is directly linked to the Prime Minister. 

Tawasol is an electronic portal provided by the Royal Court, by direct decree from His Royal Highness the King of Saudi Arabia, aimed at easing the various facets of everyday life on citizens, and to make sure the services provided to them are delivered accurately and efficiently. Through this portal, citizens can voice their grievances to the Royal Court directly. 

Ma3an/ Ma’an
Ma’an is an electronic portal provided by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development, and allows its audience to participate in the labour market and social development initiatives, in addition to notifying the Ministry’s team of inspection violations as well as infringements in the private sector labour market.

E-Participation | Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development
Community Participation is an Eportal provided by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development, and allows citizens the opportunity to voice their opinions, experiences, and ideas. 

Is a national initiative for digital ideas and projects that contribute to the realisation of the Kindgom’s digital transformation and aiding in its becoming one of the leading digital innovation hubs globally. The initiative aims to encourage Saudi society to innovate digital solutions to challenges facing society across different sectors, and turn them into profitable businesses. 

Sharikna Al Qarar
An electronic portal provided by the Ministry of Commerce, allowing citizens to contribute directly to decision-making, through suggesting their ideas as well as voting and commenting on ones already submitted. 

Ein Al Afkar
Is an electronic portal provided by the Ministry of Education; it allows its audience to contribute to enriching knowledge-sharing through suggesting their ideas as well as voting and commenting on ones already submitted.

Is an electronic portal provided by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in an effort to increase community participation in finding creative solutions for challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses, in an effort to realise the Kingdom’s strategic vision goals. The audience is encouraged to sumbit their innovative ideas freely.  

Mar’iyat Al Umoom
Is an electronic portal launched by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) in an effort to increase community participation and uplift the quality of its offerings. 

Kolluna Amn
A smartphone application allowing citizens and residents to assist security personnel through uploading audiovisual aids to police, thereby helping in rescue operations as well as minimising damages and losses.

Balagh Tijary
A smartphone application allowing consumers to submit complaints relating to commercial and trade-related infringements, as well as tracking the complaint after submission. The app also displays the Ministry’s announcements and news. 

The National Center for Public Opinion Polls, Ra’iy, specialises in measuring public opinion in accordance with the highest standards of scientific rigour, at the request of government bodies and civil society bodies, in support of policy-making, development projects, and government services. 

An electronic application allowing users to report violations and file complaints in relation to municipality services across the Kingdom, based on a “click and send” photography tool, whereby the images are sent directly to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. 

Etimad Portal
An electronic portal aimed at unifying and facilitating bids for government procurement and purchasing contracts across every sector of government, enhancing transparency and improving competitiveness. 

An electronic portal provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that encourages its audience to voice their throughts and opinions through suggesting their ideas as well as voting and commenting on ones already submitted.

Saudi government bodies that have instituted satisfaction polling: 


Results of the United Nations Nations Social and Economic Commission’s evaluation of the evolution of e-services provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 

Area of evaluation Year Rank No. of countries Difference
Community e-participation 2014 51 - -
Community e-participation 2015 39 - 12

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