Geographic Information Systems

This section displays the Kingdom’s efforts to provide geospatial information and systems, interactive maps related to health, education, environment, roads, airports, and water, while also providing access to the interactive map of the General Authority for Statistics to learn about available services throughout the Kingdom. It will also provide information about the Renewable Resources Atlas e-service, developed by King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, in addition to the national spatial data infrastructure, which affect the quality of life and sustainable development.

Geospatial Data and Information and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Providing geospatial information for its individuals is a priority for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where it encouraged different sectors to make interactive maps and geographic data available online. Complied by Saudi Geographical Society, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has published a geospatial encyclopedia as the General Authority for Statistics is issuing annual reports on demographic and geographic information.

Interactive Maps

A number of Saudi governmental bodies provide geospatial and geographic information online.

Interactive maps are services that enable individuals to search and access updated information in regard to communication and road services which including:

Coverage service

A service provided by Communications & Information Technology Commission in which allows the use of an interactive map to inquire about the level of coverage operators in a single location, to assess the level of service, and to experience and test Internet speed.

Health Map

An Interactive map provided by Ministry of Health to illustrate geographic locations for hospitals, health centers, maternity centers, centers for people with disabilities,etc.

Educational Map

An Interactive map provided by Ministry of Education to illustrate geographic locations for institutes and special education programs.

Environmental Maps

An Interactive map provided by Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture to illustrate geographic data (wells, dams, agricultural holdings, etc.)

Municipal Maps

Balady service provides an access to interactive maps for all Saudi municipalities. Through such means, an individual may access to services, roads, cities, districts, and municipal borders.

Road Maps

Provided by General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information, this service provides users with a reliable national reference for inter-city/inter-town road travel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Airports Maps

An Interactive map provided by General Authority of Civil Aviation to illustrate the 15 national airports and 5 international airports.

Spatial and Topographic Maps

Typographic maps are available at General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information website.

Produced by the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information, these maps are modeled to demonstrate urban population centers, isolated and rural buildings, transportation networks/facilities distance and destinations along with telecommunications and electricity networks and facilities, industrial and agricultural facilities, plantations, water and drainage structures and facilities, vegetation, nature and terrains of the coverage area, above sea-level heights in meters indicated by contour lines, spot heights and color shading, names of places and features, natural and cultural features.

Water Maps (Hydrologic and hydrochemical Maps)

Access to underground water in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is available through Saudi Geological Survey.

General Authority for Statistics Services Interactive Map

As an official reference for all ministries, administrations, and organizations, users can access to General Authority for Statistics interactive map to learn more about services available in cities and villages. This map is divided on the base of administrative division for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where it demonstrates (regions, governates, and sub-governorates). Further, data is classified into 4 main categories according to the geographical remoteness, the availability of general and high educations, and health and management services.

Digital Map for Building Regulations and Land Use in Riyadh

An e-service provided by the High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh which allows the access to the unified digital map of building regulations and land use in Riyadh city which offers information on land plot, plan number, terms, requirements, and uses.

Renewable Resources Atlas

An e-service provided by King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE) that allows users and investment companies from around the world to collect historical and geographic data and find recent climate data for weather events in regard to solar and wind powers offered in different regions in the Kingdom.

National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Geospatial information is important for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in making the decision affecting the quality of life and implementing the sustainable development 2030. As a result, the geospatial information for the main areas covers the following: trends for geospatial information management, digital infrastructure, AI, big data, analytical and technical data, future trends in the creation of data, policies and legislation management and development, training mechanisms, the role of public and private sectors, the future role of governments in providing and managing geospatial data and user requirements.

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