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Focusing our Efforts to Serve Hajj and Umrah Visitors

Saudi Arabia has assumed a prominent place in the world and has become synonymous with hospitality and a warm welcome to all Muslims. As such, it has carved a special place in the hearts of pilgrims and the faithful everywhere. We have been given the privilege to serve the Two Holy Mosques, the pilgrims and all visitors to the blessed holy sites. In the last decade, the number of Umrah visitors entering the country from abroad has tripled, reaching 8 million people. This is a noble responsibility. It requires us to spare no effort in seeking to offer pilgrims with all they need so we fulfil our duty to provide good hospitality to our brothers and sisters. In this context, we have recently begun a third expansion to the Two Holy Mosques, as well as modernizing and increasing the capacities of our airports. We have launched the Makkah Metro project to complement the railroad and train projects that will serve visitors to the Holy Mosques and holy sites. We have reinforced the network of our transport system to facilitate access and help pilgrims perform their visits with greater ease and convenience. At the same time, we will enrich pilgrims’ spiritual journeys and cultural experiences while in the Kingdom.
We will establish more museums, prepare new tourist and historical sites and cultural venues, and improve the pilgrimage experience within the Kingdom.
( 2030 Vision)




Watch the following video for more about the successful efforts and inspiring human stories during the Hajj season of 2017


The Ministry of Haj and Umrah

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is the competent authority for everything related to the affairs of pilgrims, Hajj and Umrah. It is the governmental body authorized to coordinate between all the different governmental sectors and the officials of Hajj and Umrah in Islamic countries and the rest of the world.
The ministry's role extends to planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring to ensure that the best services are provided to visitors to the two Holy Mosques. Whether these services are direct or indirect in cooperation with the different sectors of the government.
The ministry's patronage takes care of visitors of the two holy mosques from their arrival via the various ports of the Kingdom either by land, air and sea. Then, providing them with the best services to achieve the highest levels of comfort during their stay and until they leave to their countries.

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Expanding and Developing the Holy Mosques

The development of Hajj and Umrah facilities and the expansion of the two Holy Mosques are at the top of the Saudi government concerns. Through their ongoing efforts, the visitors of the two holy mosques are given the needed security and care to allow them to perform their religious duties easily.

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The unified media identity of Hajj 1440 AH:

The Government Communication Center at the Ministry of Media provided the unified media identity for the Hajj season of 1440 AH, which is an extension of what was accomplished during the last Hajj season.
The identity is based on the sanctity of the two Holy Mosques and the holy months, which witness the performance of Hajj by Muslims.
The identity of Hajj is currently available to all government agencies, the private sector and individuals, which can be downloaded through the Center for Government Communication’ website at the Ministry of Information.

Where do you start your journey?



When a Muslim becomes able to perform Hajj physically and spiritually, he begins to prepare for his greatest journey towards the holy city of Mecca. This journey, was not free of hardship and exhaustion and other obstacles pilgrims today don’t know. 
Thanks to God and then thanks to the development of transportation and excellent services and guidance at every place and time. Below is a set of useful links that will guide your pilgrimage and make your journey an unforgettable spiritual and cultural experience.

Domestic Pilgrims

Foreign Pilgrims


Makkah Road Initiative:


It is the service of passport, customs, and health requirements procedures and the coding and sorting baggage at the airports of foreign from which the pilgrims come, through unified electronic paths, and under the supervision of an integrated Saudi team headed by the Ministry of the Interior. This year's Hajj initiative targets 225,000 pilgrims from five countries that have joined the initiative which are: Tunisia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Applications and Guides

Smartphones became a convenient and fast way to get access to information and guidance during your Hajj, Umrah and visits of the two holy mosques in general.

Hajj and Umrah Rights

Keep a copy of the following link to know your rights and duties as a Pilgrim.

ERSHAD Program

A toll free line to answer any Islamic inquiries.
8001222100 | 8001222400

Your Health During Hajj and Umrah e-Guide

You can download this file and use it as a safe health guide during your Hajj and Umrah trip.


AlMaqsad is the first system of its kind serving the visitors of the Grand Mosque. It depends on high technology operated by Bluetooth to locate the holder of the smartphone and guide him/her to their destination inside the mosque, and outside through connection to the system of global identification (GPS).

Smartphone Applications

Health Requirements

A number of vaccinations listed by the Ministry of Health are required to perform Hajj. Learn more about it.

Hajj and Umrah Navigator

Hajj and Umrah navigator application

Volunteers efforts during Hajj and Umrah

The ambitious 2030 Vision aims to reach 1 million volunteers in the non-profit sector each year
One of the most promising scenes of volunteering in Saudi Arabia happens through the contribution of the young men and women of the Kingdom to support the Hajj and Umrah seasons each year. By doing everything they can to make the experience of God’s guests smoother and more secure.

The voluntary program at the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah includes three main areas:

  • Field guidance and translation
  • Field Operations and Administration
  • Health care

Learn about the different fields and how to apply through the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah portal.

The Saudi Project for Utilization of Hajj (Adahi)

The efforts of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah were not limited to providing services and facilities for the performance of rituals, but reaches out to build successful national partnerships.
Among these partnerships comes The Saudi Project for Utilization of Hajj (Adahi), managed by the Islamic Development Bank. It is supervised by six ministries: Municipal and Rural Affairs, Interior, Finance, Justice, Islamic Affairs, Hajj and Umrah, Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture. In addition to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Research Institute for Hajj and Umrah.

Project Mission

To provide pilgrims with facilities to perform Hady and Fidyah nusuk (devotion) as well as Udhiyah and Sadaqah (Charity) on behalf of them for those willing Muslims and the distribution of meat among the beneficiaries.

Project Objectives

  • To distribute the sacrificed animal meat, among the poor and the beneficiaries
  • Providing animals that meet all Shariah and health requirements
  • Ensuring the environment remains clean and protected in and around the holy sites
  • Making best use of remains and distributing its revenues among the poor of the holy mosque.

Entrust and trust

This e-service acts as agent to pilgrims in carrying out on their behalf the slaughter of all type of offering they make and the transport and distribution of the meat, all in accordance with the principles of Shari'ah. Buyers on the website hereby authorize IDB and the Adahi Project Committee jointly or individually to buy slaughter, utilize and distribute sacrificial meat to the beneficiaries and do such other things as may be incidental or related to the foregoing.

Hajj in numbers



In implementing its Hajj statistics program within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the General Authority for Statistics depends on the comprehensive enumeration methodology for all individuals coming to the holy city of Makkah to perform Hajj (Pilgrimage). This is undertaken by Hajj statistics centers located at all entrances to Makkah, as well as at other support centers in the cities of Jeddah, Taif, and Medina. The counting usually begins on the first day of Dhu al-Hijjah, and ends at 6:00 o'clock in the evening of the 9th day of the same month. The counting process also covers the incoming (external) pilgrims who are counted by General Directorate of Passports at the KSA's entrance outlets. The Hajj statistics program aims at providing comprehensive and accurate data on the number of pilgrims by means of transportation and date of arrival, for use in setting up plans and programs required for extending distinguished services to pilgrims, the number of pilgrims from Makkah Almokarama is calculated based on a survey implemented by General Authority for Statistics. (Source: General Authority for Statistics)

To learn more about Hajj (Pilgrimage) Statistics Map

Media in Hajj 1439 AH:

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Photo Library

The Saudi multimedia library provides a range of high-quality images and videos of the Holy Mosques, Hajj and Umrah rituals, and Islamic sites and locations. Multimedia Library

Apps for Hajj

App Logo Description Android Store Apple Store
Turjuman Hajj and Umrah_5 (Turjuman) is an application to translate instruction signs for non-Arabic speakers pilgrims to their language without internet. Hajj and Umrah_6 Hajj and Umrah_7

Hajj and Umrah Navigator

Hajj and Umrah_8

It is a digital geographic App for the area of Holy Places (Mashair) inside Saudi Arabia. Its maps contain information for addresses, Hajj camps, streets, districts, public services and Mashair boundaries. Hajj and Umrah Navigator is based on the National Address that covers buildings and Hajj camps, particularly in Makkah and Madinah. Hajj and Umrah_9 Hajj and Umrah_10
Al Maqsad Hajj and Umrah_11 It helps visitors of Makkah to find their exact location inside the corridors of the Grand Mosque (Almasjid Alharam) and find out any place they want to go. This application works offline. Hajj and Umrah_12 Hajj and Umrah_13
Manasikana Hajj and Umrah_14 It helps locate the places of interest for the public, such as nearest mosques, restaurants, toilets, shopping malls, and find the shortest possible route to POI from your current location. Hajj and Umrah_15 Hajj and Umrah_16
Tarwiah Hajj and Umrah_17 Tarwiah app is to serve pilgrims and provides information in seven languages about the water services in the holy places (Makkah and Madina). The services provided include map to locate toilets, reporting water problems, information about Zamzam water distribution points, and other important information for pilgrims. Hajj and Umrah_18 Hajj and Umrah_19
Sahha Hajj and Umrah_20 It offers medical advice, a list of accredited doctors, and audio/video explanation of the case with physician’s final assessment. Hajj and Umrah_21 Hajj and Umrah_22
Asefny Hajj and Umrah_23 It allows filing an emergency report, finding exact location, supporting people with special needs, and recording medical history. Hajj and Umrah_24 Hajj and Umrah_25

Kollona Amn

Hajj and Umrah_26 Kollona Amn is a utility that enables all citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia to play the role of police officer .Which speeds up rescue missions and reduces damages and losses .Citizens and residents can send an incident by attaching a video or a photo or an audio note . In addition , citizens will receive updates on the status of their incidents. Hajj and Umrah_27 Hajj and Umrah_28
Fazaah Hajj and Umrah_29 Determine geographical location of the incident reporter .You can determine other incidents .follow-up of incidents and proceedings . Hajj and Umrah_30 Hajj and Umrah_31
Mecca cleanliness Hajj and Umrah_32 Mecca cleanliness app contributes in cleaning the the most sacred spot on earth by enabling citizens to send any violations . Hajj and Umrah_33 Hajj and Umrah_34
Al Mutawaf Hajj and Umrah_35 It includes many services that made it the favourite for pilgrims .Guide me service enables the user to find his place of residence. Al-Haram guide is a photo-map for Al-Haram with all its facilities and services .Audio guide enables you to listen to all Hajj Rituals . Aftonii enables the user to find all answers from (Mufti) Muslim scholars . Hajj and Umrah_36 Hajj and Umrah_37
Hadaj Hajj and Umrah_38 “Hadaj” is a simple communication way between buyer, seller and carrier in the field of sheep Transportation. “Hadaj” enable you to: • save your time in searching for different sheep types with different criteria and get what you need in an easy way; • Simplify the way of defining and showing sheep Advertisement; • Search all the sheep Advertisement and select what matches your criteria; • Facilitate the process of buying sheep; • Facilitate the process of sheep Transportation between buys and seller. Hajj and Umrah_39 Hajj and Umrah_40
Nana Hajj and Umrah_41 Nana is online grocery shopping and delivery service from local supermarkets to doorstep. Choose from more than 13K available products including fresh meats, chickens, fruits and more, set a delivery time and wait your doorbell to ring. Hajj and Umrah_42 Hajj and Umrah_43


Hajj and Umrah_44 Elaj is a digital platform for online medical services. It aims to facilitate booking appointments, seeking consultations and buying medical devices through an online medical store. It also aims to facilitate the procedures of therapeutic services. Hajj and Umrah_45 Hajj and Umrah_46
Careem Hajj and Umrah_47 It is a car booking app that enables you to go anywhere. You can book a ride for immediate pick up or daily commute, or schedule a ride for later. It offers you various categories of cars. It provides a fare estimate and allows you to track the driver (Captain) in real time. You can pay the way you want, as it accepts cash and credit cards. Customer support is ready to help you all day err’day (24/7). Hajj and Umrah_48 Hajj and Umrah_49
MRSOOL Hajj and Umrah_50 MRSOOL is the new experience in transporting goods. Whenever you want anything from any store, MRSOOL will deliver it to your door. Hajj and Umrah_51 Hajj and Umrah_52
Smart Washr Hajj and Umrah_53 Easy Booking. Clean anything you want. Quick Pickup. Reschedule Dropoff anywhere. Simply capture your location, Select the items needed to be cleaned. Hajj and Umrah_54 Hajj and Umrah_55
Maqas Hajj and Umrah_56 Maqas is an application that helps users find barbers available around them. Through the application, service can be requested to be provided at customer's home. Hajj and Umrah_57 Hajj and Umrah_58

Al Haramain

Hajj and Umrah_59 The Two Holy Mosques Smart Application It is one of the Two Holy Mosques' applications which aim to fulfill the vision and goals of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque depends on the vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 in order to subject the modern technology to serve the visitors, pilgrims, and mo'tamren (those who perform Omrah). Hajj and Umrah_60 Hajj and Umrah_61


Hajj and Umrah_62 Watani is a mobile application that enables citizens, residents and visitors to evaluate public services, rate their satisfaction level, and contribute to the ongoing efforts focused on improving public services. Hajj and Umrah_63 Hajj and Umrah_64
Arafat Sermon Hajj and Umrah_65 Arafat Sermon app provides information about the Arafat Sermon Translation project with the ability to listen to the translated sermon on Arafat Day. Hajj and Umrah_66 Hajj and Umrah_67

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