This section emphasizes the Kingdom’s efforts in developing its economy through domestic and foreign investment opportunities in accordance with Vision 2030 aimed at empowering investors through the use of unified platforms dedicated to facilitating investment processes and services for businesses conduction. It also provides research options related to the Saudi market, while taking into consideration the risks of investment during COVID-19 and the regulations and legislations of investment laws, agreements and terms and conditions.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cares about its economy and prosperity. It aims to be an attractive and stimulating investment destination for continuation and expansion, so a ministry concerned with investment has allocated one of its most essential tasks to empowering investors to access investment opportunities and providing them with facilities, flexibility, and other services.

Domestic investment

The Kingdom is keen to identify and develop investment opportunities and stimulate local investment by providing investors with facilities and services. The Ministry of Investment takes the lead in developing the investment environment in the Kingdom and helps the local investor through:

  • Conducting economic analyses of the market, whether by providing various and standard information or providing and developing reports and case studies, sharing this information on databases, and assisting in feasibility studies.
  • Building partnerships and linking with commercial and industrial entities and with local companies for potential partnerships.
  • Preparing field visits to the investor, preparing logistics and reservations, and coordinating meetings with government agencies and related parties.
  • Providing all assistance related to starting work from searching for a suitable location, providing legal advice, and coordinating with the competent authorities.
  • Offer incentives.
  • Facilitate doing business.
  • Addressing operational problems for investors.

To find out all the services, you can view the services guide and benefit from the services; you can visit this page.

Foreign investment

Based on the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the most important goals are to raise the economic level and diversify income sources. The Saudi government has worked to encourage foreign investors to invest in Saudi Arabia. It has put in place regulations and controls for the foreign investor (here) to ensure that the desired goals are achieved, and investors' rights are preserved.

Foreign investment licensing regulations

  • A work permit in the Kingdom is necessary for a foreign investor to obtain a business start-up license.
  • The Ministry is responsible for promoting investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, setting up foreign investment regulations, and following them up, in addition to facilitating the entry of investors into the Kingdom and issuing their licenses.
  • There are different types of investment licenses available, each with its requirements, such as the minimum acceptable capital and foreign capital ceiling.
  • Potential investors can apply for a license through the Ministry of Investment portal.

Direct access to the Saudi market

A foreign investor can directly access the Saudi financial market through the "Qualified Foreign Investor Program" offered by Tadawul as part of its programs for developing the financial sector in Saudi Arabia. This program has been modified to ease registration requirements and expand the range of qualified investors.
For more, you can visit this page or view the information note for Qualified Foreign Investors.

Investing in the Kingdom's Vision 2030

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its Vision 2030, seeks to raise the country's economy and diversify sources of income. The Kingdom launched packages of economic reforms to create distinctive job opportunities, start to benefit from the main strategic assets in the Kingdom, and push the wheel of economic growth towards diversification. It includes providing and developing investment opportunities, stimulating local investment, and attracting foreigners by providing investors assistance and incentive programs.

Investment opportunities

Whether local or foreign, the investor can view all the available opportunities classified by sector (through this service) provided by the Invest in Saudi platform and learn many information and numbers that help him make his decision.

Empowering investors

To facilitate the start of the investment activity, the Kingdom was keen to help investors by taking their hands step by step to starting a commercial activity. It provided them guidance and advice on starting a business in terms of the laws and licenses that must be obtained. The beneficiary can access the Meraas platform, as this platform collected all electronic government services with one page, from issuing licenses, providing services, and so on.
The government also assisted investors by providing financial support, employment support, tax support, and many other services through the Investor Services portal.

Meras Platform 

A government program under the Saudi Business Center, Meras Platform is dedicated to facilitating procedures and services provided for conducting business. It provides all governmental and private sectors with the necessary services required to start your own business in a day, in addition to providing high quality integrated services via online and physical One-Stop-Shop centers. For more details click here.

Senaie Platform

Senaie platform is a unified platform for service providers and a gateway to empowering investors. The platform offers unique privileges throughout the investment process while ensuring continuous communication and periodic follow-up of projects. Senaie also allows potential investors to stay up-to-date with new investment opportunities that may peak their interest. The services offered include the ability to request an industrial license, employment support, customs exemption and chemical clearance. For more details click here.

Research related to the Saudi market

To attract foreign investors, the Kingdom opens its market to upgrade the relevant global indicators and reports. The Saudi government worked to monitor the market by conducting research, evaluations, and progress development. These efforts to find out about defects and address them and know the investors' strengths and motivations. The Saudi government established the National Competitiveness Center with the aim of developing and improving the competitive environment in the Kingdom, by studying, identifying and analyzing the obstacles and challenges facing the public and private sector, proposing solutions, initiatives and recommendations and following up on their implementation, by following the best methods and practices that lead to enhancing the Kingdom's competitiveness locally and internationally. (You can see the concept of competitiveness here)
To find out the public's opinions, the private sector, and government agencies regarding laws or regulations and the like issued by government agencies related to the economic and development environment, the government has launched a "survey platform" to make amendments or facilities, monitor data, etc.
It was also keen to provide an effective communication channel between government agencies and the private sector. Receiving their views and challenges related to regulations is highly valuable, legislation and procedures to contribute to decision-making to improve the business environment in the Kingdom, so it created a private sector visualization platform for this presentation.

Investments During Covid-19 Pandemic

The spread of Coronavirus has affected many countries, and its impact on the economy has been tremendous. The Kingdom was keen to fight the virus and reduce the losses resulting from it with every effort possible, and the economy and investment had a share of these efforts. The government has helped affected project owners and workers by providing material assistance amounting to 120 billion Saudi riyals to reduce the private sector's financial and economic impact. For more details, you can visit this page. According to their field, the Ministry of Investment has allocated a reference for affected investors to ensure business continuity during the pandemic. In it, the contribution of all sectors was collected to ensure business continuity and reduce losses.


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