This initiative is launched by Ministry of Commerce & Investment in collaboration with (Thiqa) company for business services. The main objective of the initiative is to maximize success opportunities of the online stores and facilitate communication between the stores and their customers. The initiative is useful to all individuals involved in e-commerce whether they are sellers or buyers. All can sell and buy through the electronic platforms and advanced communication devices. While registration is free of charge, there are no particular conditions for registration in this service.

This service boosts creditability of e-commerce and e-business since its website is a credible shopping platform to all buyers. The dealer will be provided with an icon to document his/her accounts in his own e-platforms. Moreover, the buyer can review accounts of dealers that are registered in the service and all their platforms and accounts that are integrated to the service. He/she can also review evaluation and feedback from previous customers.

To register in this initiative .

Last Modified Date: 28/03/2021 - 11:29 AM Saudi Arabia Time

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