Basic Education System Comprehensive Enhancement Project

This project comes in response to the requirements of development and to keep pace with global advances in the scientific, technological and social fields. It aims to provide the drive to make a qualitative shift towards enhancing education in general and educational programs in particular. The existing education landscape has been analyzed and the conclusion has been reached of the need to upgrade, to meet needs of students, society and the labor market.

The purpose of the project is to enhance all aspects of the educational process, from the curricula on offer, to the teachers, the teaching strategies and the quality of the technological education environment. Securing the integration and consistency of courses is essential.    
There is a need to introduce and to improve thinking and life skills as students are the basic elements of the educational process. All revisions will be in line with the values espoused by the Kingdom's educational policy, especially with respect to its objectives, targets and goals.

Last Modified Date: 01/03/2021 - 1:28 PM Saudi Arabia Time
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