Identification and utilization of open source software

Saudi Arabia has been keen to use open source software (free software). The CIT national plan describes the open source software as “software that can be freely accessed and edited. It does not belong to the ownership of any party”.

In its third year, the plan’s objective provides for “ Development of the CIT industry, concentrating on strategic areas and encouraging business enterprises”. The policies to meet this objective include: Boosting the efforts of CIT localization.  A project entitled “Supporting open source software industry” has emerged therefrom.

The plan describes the project as seeking to “encourage local programming industry depending on free software for its programing requirements and creating a thriving market through selling of services and technical support and cost saving by becoming less dependent on software licenses for over-the-shelf-software. The project seeks to adopt supporting of open source applications, research and development in this area”. 

King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) is taking care of this project.  It has established the National Program for the Technologies of Free and Open Source Software dubbed (Motah​). The program encourages and boosts using of free and open source software through creation of partnerships with several partners from both the public and private sectors in order to meet the program’s objectives.  The program provides and facilitates various activity aspects of the free and open source software e.g. developing and supporting of software,  building of open source resources, establishing of software digital library and supporting of research in the area of open source software.

Considering the crucial significance of this matter, an initiative for identification and using of open source software has been included in the e-Government  2nd Action Plan. 

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Last Modified Date: 11/01/2017 - 10:46 AM Saudi Arabia Time
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