King Abdullah Project to develop the Judiciary

This project is a systematic overhaul for the development of a number of government sectors, judicial and financial entities, including amongst others, the ministries of Justice, Finance and Civil Service in addition to the Experts Authority and the Supreme Committee for Administrative Organization. Each of these entities must specify which mechanisms serve the project in terms of developing the judiciary within the bounds of an independently-allocated budget amounting to SR7 billion. It will help towards the comprehensive development and improvement of both the Judiciary and the Diwan Al-Mathalem. 

The project is distinguished by the importance it places on the principle of judicial independence and in assigning the Supreme Judicial Council to supervise over all judges and other related departments and sectors. It is further marked by its decision to elevate judicial credits, as well as for introducing a number of innovative specializations for judges, which will serve to reinforce the notion of specialization, to the benefit of judges and court audiences.

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Last Modified Date: 28/03/2021 - 11:41 AM Saudi Arabia Time
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