Motah for Free and Open Source Software Technologies

In choosing to adopt free open-source software technology, KACST is aiming to encourage its general introduction and will create partnerships with public and private sector parties for the provision of the logistic, technological, legal and strategic services need to meet the initiative’s objectives.

KACST hopes to increase engagement in developing national policies on open source criteria and technologies. A digital library will be established that depends on open content and open access. Additional objectives include increasing awareness of open source software, open criteria, open content and open access, providing technical and consultant service mechanisms to government sectors that decide on a partial or total switch to open source software or open criteria. It will also assist in developing and providing training programs on free open-source technologies and support research and development on open-source software for meeting local and regional needs. It will also provide for cooperation with national CIT incubators in order to support and encourage promising micro and medium-sized enterprises that employ open-source technologies. Endeavor will be made to introduce concepts of open-source software in CIT education programs.

Last Modified Date: 01/03/2021 - 1:47 PM Saudi Arabia Time
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