National Strategy for Transport

    Transport and communications are of vital importance to the national economy, facilitating the movement of passengers and goods, both locally and internationally. The sector also plays a pioneering role in pushing the economy forward by providing a set of services for all productive and service sectors, in addition to offering plenty of opportunity for investment.

  Royal decree no. 7/B/14560, dated 7/8/1422H was issued imposing the formulation of a committee at the Ministry of Transport that is formed of representatives from the ministries of Defense and Aviation, the Interior, Finance, Agriculture, Water, Industry, Petroleum, Municipal Affairs and Planning in addition to the Saudi Ports Authority.

  The Committee has completed preparing a National Strategy for Transport that integrates all the different forms of transport in a manner that connects all residential, agricultural and industrial areas with one another.

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Last Modified Date: 28/03/2021 - 1:34 PM Saudi Arabia Time
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