The 9th Development Plan 31/1432H to 35/1436H

The Cabinet approved the 9th Development Plan, for the Period 2010-2014, with an overall budget amounting to SR 1.4 Trillion. The plan has been executed at an important juncture in the Kingdom's development, notably after the significant achievements achieved across the board since the start of the 5-year plans just over 4 years ago. The 9th 5-year plan has required accelerating the march of development to keep up with the enormous changes to development and growth all over the world. The 9th Plan will continue the developmental approach followed by the Kingdom, which blends Government activity, direct planning and individual initiatives adopted by the private sector within its tracks and future vision, as specified by the Kingdom’s long-term strategic planning.

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Last Modified Date: 28/03/2021 - 1:38 PM Saudi Arabia Time
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