The comprehensive e-services system at the Saudi universities (Jamaa)

The comprehensive e-services system (Universal system) at the Saudi universities contributes to acceleration of the e-Government transition journey kingdom wide. The system is developed through strategic partnership between Ministry of Education and the e-Government Program (Yesser) in line with the e-Government plans in Saudi Arabia pursuant to relevant directives and legislations including Saudi Cabinet resolution # 40 dated 27/2/1427 H for Government implementation controls, Cabinet resolution # 252 dated 16/7/1431 for supporting and boosting the e-Government transition mechanism.

The universal system is a cloud computing system that contributes to supporting the e-Government transition journey at Ministry of Higher Education.  It is designed to deliver automated and integrated e-services. Supported by a national database, the system serves Saudi public and private higher education institutions, students, faculty members, employees and other sectors. The system interlinks Saudi higher education institutions with each other and with the Ministry as well as interlinking the higher education sector to other government agencies. Virtual infrastructure is needed.
 Summary of the universal system objectives:

  • Enhancement and governance of the e-Government transition journey to ensure further boosting of the integration of efforts and optimum utilization of resources.
  • Activation of decision-making tool across the higher education sector and at the national level.
  • Direct interlinking of services between Saudi higher education institutions and Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Exchange of data between the Ministry and higher education institutions.
  • Establishing the national database of the Saudi higher education institutions.
  • Establishing a portal of several sections that integrate and interact with each other.
  • Integration with the Ministry mailing system.
  • Establishing of Ministry/higher education institutions integrated control services.
  • Establishing of Ministry of integrated services between Ministry of Higher Education and other government agencies

Last Modified Date: 01/03/2021 - 1:30 PM Saudi Arabia Time
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