e-Training Caravans Initiative

The e-Training Caravan is an initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in partnership with other government and private sector initiatives, aimed at ensuring that all segments of society are able to master IT and telecommunications technology.

Aimed at bridging the digital gap and raising individual awareness about the importance of telecommunications and IT, the initiative will focus on rural regions and low-income sectors of society by offering basic, free-of-charge training in the field.

As it is directed at individuals and small and middle-sized enterprises all over the Kingdom, the initiative is envisioned as a way of raising the country’s computer and digital literacy. Its targets include Primary and Preparatory school students, as well as rural inhabitants. Training takes place in mobile classrooms equipped with all the necessary requirements, including training material and as well as the means of providing transport for participants otherwise unable to reach classes. Ten-hour computer and Internet training programs are offered to each group of trainees over the course of a week.

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Last Modified Date: 28/03/2021 - 1:39 PM Saudi Arabia Time
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