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This section offers the most vital indexes and recent statistical reports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which have been issued by the General Authority for Statistics, in collaboration with other government agencies.

Important Statistical Indexes

Item Indicator
The total population mid year 2021 34,110,821
GDP, Q2  2022 11.8%
Saudi unemployment, Fourth Quarter 2022 10.1%
Inflation, June  2022 2.3%
Industrial Production, May 2022 24%

Manpower in Kingdom 

The Saudi workforce is mainly divided into three sectors of professions: service sector is the highest by 28.69%, the technical and scientific sector by 27.98%, and the third sector is administrative which is the lowest by 3.56%. Women, in the Saudi workforce, are working in the technical and scientific professions.

The non-Saudi workforce is concentrated in the production and construction sector by 41.07%, followed by the service sector, then the administrative professions by 1.14%. According to the economic activity, the Saudi workforce is concentrated in the following activities, in descending order, public administration and education.

The non-Saudi workforce is active in the following areas: wholesale and retail trade, household workers, and fishing. According to the results of the workforce research, conducted by the General Authority for Statistics in Shaban 1430 H corresponding to August 2009, the proportion of the workforce in the total population in Saudi Arabia is 49.9%.

The results of the research indicates that more than two-thirds of the Saudi workforce is concentrated among individuals aged 25-44 (67.5% of males and 77.0% of females). The learning rate among the Saudi population within the workforce reached 96.5% (the male learning rate is 99.1% compared to the female at 98.5%.).

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