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This page displayed by GOV.SA provides the most important indexes and recent statistical reports in Saudi Arabia, which is issued by the General Authority for Statistics in collaboration with other government agencies.

Important Statistical Indexes

Item Indicator
The total population in 2019 34,218,169
GDP, 4th Quarter 2020 2.5%
Saudi Unemployment, 3rd Quarter 2020 12.6%
Inflation, February 2020 5.2%
Industrial Production, November 2020 -10%
Revised economic participation rate Q2 2020 48.8%
Growth in Merchandise Imports, August 2020 -17%
Growth in Non-oil Merchandise Exports, August 2020 -25%
Ratio of Non-oil Exports to Imports, August 2020 45.6%
General index for wholesale prices for September 2020 127.35
Consumer Price Index, September 2020 104.0
Real estate index during the Q3 of 2020 80.5
Percentage of households connected to the public electricity network in 2019 99.50%
Percentage of sports practitioners, out of the total population in the Kingdom in 2019 20.04%


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