Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

It is the government agency concerned with technical and vocational training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1400 AH (1980 AD), and the Honorable Council of Ministers Resolution No. 268 dated 08/14/1428 AH was issued to reorganize it, specifying its tasks and objectives. The Corporation aims to develop national human resources through training, in a way that contributes to filling the labor market's demands of qualified manpower. In order to achieve this, the Corporation exercises the following tasks: preparing, reviewing and developing general training policies and plans, qualifying and developing technical and professional trainers, designing and implementing training programs, licensing and supervising the private sector for training, determining its technical standards, and establishing strategic partnerships with training institutions in the public and private sectors to manage training units. Various training and operation, and the participation of the public and private sectors in training to provide specialized technical and professional human resources, and to provide technical assistance and administrative advice in the field of training for the public and private sectors. It also has the authority to establish technical and professional incubators for training, conduct research and studies in the field of training, produce and develop training means and techniques, and other tasks.
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First Officer

HE Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid, Governor of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

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