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Chamber Goals • Collecting and publishing all information and statistics related to trade and industry. • Preparing studies and research related to trade and industry. • Providing government agencies with data and information in commercial and industrial matters. • Submitting suggestions regarding the protection of national trade and industry in light of foreign competition. • Inform merchants and manufacturers of regulations, decisions, and instructions that affect commercial and industrial matters. • Guiding traders and manufacturers to the most important countries and regions from which they import or export their goods, as well as guiding them to the means of developing trade and industry. • Inventory and discuss the problems of commercial and industrialists in preparation for presenting them to the competent governmental authorities and finding appropriate solutions to them. • Settlement of commercial and industrial disputes by arbitration, if the parties to the dispute agree to refer them to them. • Enlightening traders and manufacturers with new investment opportunities in the commercial and industrial fields through coordination with government agencies. • Encouraging merchants and manufacturers and urging them to benefit from local and foreign expertise houses and to encourage investment in joint projects to contribute to achieving development. • Organizing exhibitions, markets, technical training centers and everything that would contribute to the advancement and development of trade and industry. • Participation in conferences related to the nature of its activity and the organization of sending and receiving commercial and industrial delegations. • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry issues certificates, transcripts and documents specified by the Minister of Commerce by a decision from him, in return for a fee determined by the Minister of Commerce. • Issuing magazines and bulletins that serve trade or industry. • Contact other chambers or government agencies to obtain data and information related to trade or industry. • Forming committees from among its participants or others to prepare studies, research and reports that help in the development of trade and industry. • Owning and constructing real estate necessary to achieve its purposes. • Providing the investment consultancy required to stimulate projects to continue and develop. • Training and development of manpower in investment projects. • The use of the room's halls on various occasions. • Advertisement in Chamber magazine. • Advertisement in the Zulfi guide. • Obtain copies of the various evidence. • Distribution of desk calendar to businessmen. • Providing economic feasibility studies for businessmen wishing to invest in Zulfi Governorate. • Enlightening businessmen with the government data and procedures required to set up projects.

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First Officer
First Officer

Mr. Ibrahim bin Ata-Allah Al-AtaAllah

Last Modified Date: 16/06/2022 - 12:37 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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