Bukairiya Chamber

• Relations with the Chambers. • Information exchange. • Coordination between the Chambers and their work • Supporting relations with the government sector • Supporting and developing economic sectors and activities: the industrial sector, the agricultural sector, the contracting sector, the tourism sector, the health sector, the financial sector and the trade sector. • Support and development of local trade. • Supporting and developing the investment climate in the governorate. • Development of small and medium enterprises. • Supporting job resettlement programs in the private sector. • Supporting private education and training programs. • Supporting and developing the work of women in the governorate. • Issuing publications, electronic and paper bulletins, participating in public events, holding exhibitions, workshops and training programs. • Gradually developing and expanding the internal chamber departments, training employees, attracting qualified employees, and serving affiliates with the best fast, advanced and distinguished services.

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Location: Al Bukairiya
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First Officer
First Officer

Mr. Saleh Bin Sulaiman Al-Dukhail

Last Modified Date: 15/06/2022 - 12:02 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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