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The Chamber of Commerce in Al-Ahsa was established by the decision of the Ministry of Commerce in the year 1402 AH. His views and suggestions are addressed to the officials and specialists in the state to reach the highest level of performance, taking advantage of the available opportunities and capabilities and actively participating in the development plans set by the state, as well as delivering the instructions issued by the official authorities to this sector to be more organized and effective, and the Chamber strives to provide the best Services in the fields of trade, industry and tourism alike to create additional opportunities to advance the progress of the private sector, within the framework of its strategy to serve the private sector in Al-Ahsa Governorate through its various specialized departments.

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Location: Al-Ahsa
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First Officer
First Officer

Mr. Abdul-Aziz bin Saleh Al-Musa

Last Modified Date: 16/06/2022 - 7:28 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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