Prince Sultan Defense Studies & Research Center

The Center aims to enhance and support the defense and security orientations of the Kingdom; it conducts and develops qualitative and technical research related to the defense, security, and strategic fields according to the plans and strategies developed by the general authority for military industries. Performing applied research and development to develop the know-how and provide solutions. Conduct studies and consultations in the specialized scientific fields. Participate in enhancing and developing the military and security industry in the Kingdom. Conduct scientific and applied research related to the defense and security industries in service of the Kingdoms interest and protection. Track developments and innovations in the field of defense and security industries and study their impact. Expanding the capacity of industrial and manufacturing sectors to develop innovation in defense-related technologies, products,and solutions. Building knowledge base and expertise in areas of strategic importance related to military and security operations. Establishing advanced facilities and capabilities to perform defense evaluations and validation activities. Participate in the supervision of technology transfer and localization programs related to equipment and military procurements. Collaborate with local and international universities and research centers to execute joint activities and exchange expertise. Develop and conduct specialized training and qualification programs.

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Location: Riyadh
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First Officer
First Officer

Dr. Sami bin Muhammad bin Al-Humaidy

Last Modified Date: 16/06/2022 - 12:20 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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