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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known for the generosity of its people and government, is a devoted supporter of humanitarian aid. This section presents the efforts of the Kingdom and its dedication to providing relief and humanitarian assistance where need be. Here, you will gain insight into Saudi aid given to refugees, displaced people and visitors, you will also become familiarized with the Kingdom’s charitable and humanitarian initiatives, King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, the Saudi Aid Platform, the employment enabling services including Ajeer service, and the Kingdom’s humanitarian efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been an avid lender of generosity and humanitarian aid, and a stalwart supporter of sister countries in hardship. This initiative is born out of the Kingdom’s role as a key player on the global stage and the heart of the Islamic World. The Kingdom’s contributions span many developing countries, to whom humanitarian aid is provided through various governmental entities.

Saudi Aids to refugees, displaced people, and visitors

Who are the refugees?

Refugees are people who have left their country due to war, violence, conflict, or persecution, and have crossed international borders to seek safety in another country. These people are unable or unwilling to return to their country, for fear of being persecuted for reasons related to race, religion, nationality, belonging to certain groups, or because of political opinion, as defined by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Visitors (refugees in Saudi Arabia)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that most receive visitors (refugees in the Kingdom). The Kingdome provides them with the free treatment and education, and helps them to integrate into the society as they live in all regions of the Kingdom, additionally, it provides them with the opportunities to work and receive education in public schools.

Refugees and displaced people outside Saudi Arabia

They are the refugees around the world who have suffered from forcible displacement because of political, religious, or ethnic reasons. And the humanity identity of Saudi Arabia seeks to alleviate their suffering by providing the basics of a decent life, including housing, education, nutrition, and treatment.

The Kingdom's charitable and humanitarian initiatives

1. The Muslim World League

The Muslim World League is an international non-governmental Islamic organization based in the Holy City of Makkah. It aims to present the true Islam and extends bridges of dialogue and cooperation with all. The Muslim World League Members:

  • The United Nations Organization: Observer in consultative status with the ECOSOC.
  • Organization of the Islamic Cooperation: Observe status in attendance at all meetings and conferences.
  • UNESCO: Member.
  • UNICEF: Member.

2. Saudi Fund for Development

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established the Saudi Fund for Development to become the main channel through which the Saudi government provides its development assistance. The main goal of this fund is to contribute to financing development projects in developing countries by granting loans, as well as providing grants for technical aid to finance studies and institutional support, and to provide financing and guaranteeing non-oil national exports.

3. King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center

The Center acts as an extension of the humanitarian role the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays as part of its role on the international front. The Center specializes in relief and humanitarian work and seeks to be a leading international center for the relief of communities suffering from disasters in order to help them and raise their suffering to lead a decent life with a capital of one billion riyals.

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center

1. Quality humanitarian programs

The King Salman Center adopts a number of specific humanitarian projects for visitors in Saudi Arabia:

A project to rehabilitate children who have been recruited and affected by the armed conflict in Yemen

Which aims to rehabilitate children recruited and affected by the armed conflict in Yemen by integrating them into society, enrolling them in schools and take care of them, in addition to providing them with psychological and social rehabilitation and preparing courses for them and their families to practice their normal lives as children.

Project Masam Clearing Landmines from Yemen

MASAM is the Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance in Yemen. The goal of the project is to clear Yemen of all land mines and other explosive devices, and is part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to countries around the world.

Aid provided to visitors in the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the leading countries in hosting refugees (visitors); the Kingdom provides refugees with free health care and education, and is also keen to integrate the visitors into Saudi society by providing breadwinners with job opportunities and enrolling their children in public schools.

Artificial Limbs Program

King Salman Relief Center funds The Artificial Limbs Centers that provides free services to those who have received an amputation among Yemen’s civilian population due to land mine incidents which have been planted illegally throughout the country by Houthi militia groups. Once the prosthetic devices have been completed and fitted, specialized rehabilitation teams help patients adjust to the use of their new limbs in order to return home with new confidence and improved mobility.

2. Online donation portal

You can donate to the center’s general donation account, from which all the center’s programs founded without being bound by a specific country or program. Or you can specify the country in which you wish to donate and determine the amount, whether it is monthly or one-time.

3. The Saudi portal for external volunteering

King Salman Center has carried out a number of volunteer programs around the world that have achieved great numbers in:

  • Number of programs
  • Registered volunteers
  • Beneficiary countries
  • Beneficiaries
  • Costs

You can view the programs currently available through the Saudi External Volunteer Portal.

Saudi Aid Platform

Since its establishment, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has shared its blessings amongst its citizens as well as others throughout the world through its humanitarian, developmental and charitable contributions. Grants and concessional loans have been awarded to countries without discrimination regardless of race, color, or religion. The Kingdom has always been one of the top ten countries in the world in providing aid. Humanitarian Aid in the Kingdom provided by:

  • The Saudi Fund for Development
  • Ministry of Finance
  • King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center
  • The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen
  • King Abdullah International Foundation for Charity
  • The Saudi Red Crescent
  • Ministry of Energy
  • Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture - General Organization for Irrigation
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
  • Ministry of Media
  • Others

You can also view the interactive map of the countries benefiting from the provided humanitarian services. To find out all the details related to financial aid and humanitarian aid, you can visit the Saudi Aid Platform.

Saudi Aid for Refugees and IDPs website also highlights the Kingdom's international efforts and commitment to transparency and to preserve its rights to giving. It also shed light on the type and volume of aid provided by the Kingdom to refugees and displaced persons inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Employment Enabling Services

Employee (Ajeer) service

It is a document that permits a worker to work in a specific facility for a specific, temporary period of time. It is a legal document according to the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Types of employee documents:

  • Temporary work for Syrian visitors document.
  • Temporary work for Yemeni visitors document (domestic jobs).
  • Temporary work for Yemeni visitors document (professional jobs).
  • Work eligibility for Yemeni visitors to work document (domestic jobs).
  • Work eligibility for Yemeni visitors document (professional jobs).
  • Saudi assignment permit.

Education Enabling Services

General Education in Private and Foreign Schools

The Ministry of Education issued a unified form to admit male and female students to study in government public education with a visitor visa for Syrians and Yemenis.

Qiyas Tests

The Kingdom also enables visiting male and female students to complete a transfer test to complete undergraduate requirements by filling out the application form attached to the National Center for Qiyas. To fill out the form and take a Qiyas test via the link.

The Kingdom's Humanitarian Efforts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has played an effective role in facing the COVID-19 pandemic locally and globally, as it has provided many medical and educational support, food and non-food items.

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