Youth Empowerment

This section highlights the Kingdom’s efforts to empower youth through programs and projects of national transformation initiatives, increasing their participation in society and the labor market. It also provides insight into the hiring incentives for non-profit sectors.

The 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia believes in young Saudis and relies on them, as they are the majority, and one of the most important groups of its population. Many entities in Saudi Arabia have created and launched programs and projects to empower young Saudi aiming to increase their social participation and, in the workplace, as part of the National Transformation Program.

Besides, the Saudi Government also embraces the principles of sustainable development aimed at balancing economic growth with social development and preserving the environment. Empowering young people and providing them with opportunities is one of the Government's top priorities in achieving these principles.

The Government's most prominent programs for youth empowerment include:


Established By HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz In 2011, Misk Foundation Is A Non-Profit Organization Devoted To Cultivate And Encourage Learning And Leadership In The Youth For A Better Future In Saudi Arabia.
To This End, Misk Gives A Hand To The Youth Across The Country By Providing Various Means To Foster, Empower, And Establish A Healthy Environment For Their Creative Talents To Grow And See The Light.

The Foundation Invests In Empowering The Youth Of Saudi Arabia In Two Main Tracks; Education And Entrepreneurship, And Culture And The Creative Arts, With Science And Technology As A Supporting Field. This Is Intended To Be Accomplished By Designing Programs And Forging Partnerships With Local And Global Organizations To Reach The Ultimate Objective: Building A Society Based On Knowledge.

Misk Pursues These Goals By Both Designing Programs And Partnering With Local And Global Organizations In Diverse Fields. Through An Array Of Incubators, The Foundation Invests In The Intellectual Capital And The Capabilities Of The Youth Of Saudi Arabia.
Misk Foundation Believes Its Endeavors Will Support And Enhance The Efforts To Establish A Knowledge-Based Society, Which Will, In Turn Bring Fulfillment And Add Value To Saudi Arabia.

Hiring Incentives for the Nonprofit Sector

Among the efforts of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the initiative to train the workforce; The "hiring incentives for the non-profit sector" program comes to achieve great integration between human resources goals and social development goals, as the program contributes to generating thousands of attractive quality jobs that maintain the retention of superior competencies and attract more of them to the non-profit sector, and then these competencies contribute, in turn, in empowering the sector and improving the work environment in it to become more capable of generating attractive, quality jobs.

The Ten Incentives

The Ministry for Social Development carried out a comprehensive study to determine the necessary hiring incentives for the non-profit sector, and reached a lengthy list that reached 39 incentives. Then the focus was on the ten most priority incentives, and accordingly the “hiring incentives program for the non-profit sector” was launched, with the aim of developing a framework Regulatory is applicable. These triggers may include some of these benefits:

  • Flexible work incentive: arrangements for flexibility of work in terms of location, time, days, and others.
  • Competitive leave incentive: competitive policies that cover different types of work leave.
  • The various employment contracts incentive: providing several types of employment contracts that attract different categories of employees and take into account the nature of their association, thus contributing to raising the level of job security and attracting distinguished competencies.
  • Performance evaluation and payment incentive: the professional evaluation of employee performance, and its reflection on the benefits of the employee and the organization.
  • Health insurance incentive: improving insurance and healthcare coverage, and providing attractive competitive advantages.
  • Pension incentive: provide multiple options for the pension system within the social insurance.
  • Career Paths and Professional Development incentive: designing career paths on a professional basis to ensure professional development commensurate with job competencies, activating training programs for them, and organizing employee secondment and rotation inside and outside the sector.
  • Funding facilities incentive: facilitating access to financing facilities from banks, including, for example, housing finance, cars, personal finance and others.
  • Daycare incentive: providing appropriate support for daycare through of cash allowances, or directly within organizations.
  • Improving the work environment and culture incentive: providing integrated solutions to improve the work environment and culture in non-profit organizations, taking into account the workplace, proper planning, policies and procedural guides, developing the level of transparency and accountability, measuring the social impact of the organization, etc.

Support and Empowerment Programs

  • Training and job search support programs for young people provided by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf)
  • Doroob program:

A national e-training platform that seeks to develop the capabilities and raise the skills of national forces, both male and female, and provide them with job skills that support their obtaining the appropriate job and stability in it according to the requirements of the Saudi workplace.
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  • Tamheer Program:

It is an on-the-job training program for Saudi graduates from local and foreign universities aims to train them in government institutions and distinguished companies in the private sector, so they can acquire the expertise and skills necessary to prepare them and prepare them to participate in the workplace.
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  • Hadaf Academy for leadership:

An academy that aims to prepare and develop future national leaders from private sector employees of both genders, and to take them as enterprise leaders in the Kingdom. The goal of this program is to fulfil the Kingdom's 2030 vision, “distinguished qualitative localization of leaders with the ability to creative planning and innovation”.
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Employment support programs for young people provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development


  • Jadarat:

An electronic employment system affiliated with the Ministry of Civil Service enables citizens who seek jobs to submit applications for employment in government agencies that are compatible with their qualifications and specializations. The system targets holders of a bachelor’s degree or higher.
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  • Saed:

An electronic employment system of the Ministry of Civil Service, dedicated to minimum wage and salary-based jobs, targets job seekers for support jobs.
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  • Freelancing:

An initiative aimed at organizing and stimulating the freelancers in the Kingdom to contribute to creating job opportunities for Saudis. It enables them to issuing a freelancing document through quick and easy procedures, and to take advantage of the features and services provided, in addition to offering offers and discounts from success partners to facilitate the work of freelancers.
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  • Flexible work (Marn):

A system that enables the Saudi job seeker and employer to contract flexibly, as the wage is on an hourly basis (the lowest wage) without committing to any other benefits as there is no paid leave, end of service bonuses, and the overtime system does not apply to it.
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  • Distance Work:

A program that aims to bridge the gap between business owners and those looking for jobs who have been prevented from working because of many obstacles.
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  • Providing a CV to Saudi Talent Service (Kafa’at)

This service allows government agencies, institutions and companies wishing to recruit Saudi talent to retrieve the CVs of Saudi job seekers based on the civil service databases. This service focuses on linking job seekers with entities in the private and public sectors in order to create job opportunities for citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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  • Register in the Online Portal

The service of registering a new user in the electronic portal of the ministry in order to benefit from the services provided online.
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Unemployment Support Programs Provided by the Social Insurance Institution

  • Unemployment insurance (SANED)

The program is based on taking care of the Saudi worker and their families during the unemployed period due to circumstances beyond control. The program works to bridge the transitional gap between two jobs by providing a minimum income to provide them and their family with a decent living in addition to providing the necessary training and assisting in searching for another job.
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Youth Financing Support Programs Provided by the Social Development Bank

  • Marriage Financing:

One of the social financing products that aim to aid and encourage young people, whose monthly income is less than 12,500 riyals, to marry.
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  • Entrepreneurial Finance (Nefafat)

The Nefafat product is linked with the strategic objective of the Social Development Bank, which is to enhance financial sufficiency by facilitating access to financing products for the practice of freelancers and productive families.
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  • Zood Savings Product

It is a supported saving program targets social loans clients whereas it helps them on saving financial amount monthly to cover their future needs in the short term through simple saving plan.
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Youth Support Programs Provided by the Ministry of Sports

  • Sports for Everyone:

    The initiative aims to drive the community's regular participation in the practice of physical activity by empowering and encouraging this healthy lifestyle.
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Youth support, rehabilitation and training programs provided by the General Entertainment Authority

  • Foras platform:

The Foras platform of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs offers hundreds of sites that can be invested by youth, event organizers and owners of recreational projects. Recreational activities can be organized by renting them for a temporary period, in various regions of the Kingdom, which include:

    • Gardens
    • Squares
    • Beaches
    • lands
    • Accompanying

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  • Training and Qualification:

The General Entertainment Authority seeks to qualify, train and employ Saudi cadres in the entertainment sector by offering various training programs including specialized courses and academic diplomas.
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  • Electronic Training:

Electronic training courses that offer training content aimed at raising the awareness of those interested and working in the field of entertainment events, and making it easy for users to inform them of them at the time and place convenient for them.
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  • Business Entertainment Accelerated:

A business accelerator specializing in entertainment aiming to develop small and medium enterprises through direct practice with local and international partners and the provision of services and guidance in the entertainment sector.
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  • Entertainment Challenges:

The National Program for Discovering Entertainment Talents #Entertainment_Challenges which includes more than 20 challenges in more than 20 diverse entertainment activities.
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Ministry of Tourism’s Programs for Training and Qualifying Youth

In order to empower the national youth energies and cadres and develop their capabilities, and to develop the tourism sector and enable it to receive tourists and reflect the Kingdom's image in an authentic way, the Kingdom represented by the Human Capital Development Agency at the Ministry of Tourism has sought to launch a strategy targeting recent graduates, job seekers, workers in the tourism sector, entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium tourism establishments by offering a number of possible programs, which will contribute to achieving the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Tourist Scholarship Programs
Training Program Ending with Employment
Applied Training Program
Hafawa Program
Professional Accreditation Certificates
Leadership Development Program
Executive Education Program
E-tourism Education Platform
Secondment Training Program
Tourism Establishment Camp Program
Tourism Business Acceleration Program
Capacity Building Program for Small and Medium Enterprises
Studio of Emerging Facilities
Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship Complex
Tourism Destination Challenge Program

You can apply for previous programs through the official website of the Tourism Human Capital Development Program.

Craftspeople Support

The Kingdom established the Professional Association for Saudi Craftspeople via the National Programme for the Development of Handicrafts and Industries, “Baree”, which contributed to the registration of about 5,000 male and female craftsmen throughout the Kingdom, creating multiple commercial and job opportunities in the cultural heritage and handicrafts sector, supporting GDP in the tourism sector, maintaining the national identity and passing it to coming generations, and marketing and enabling products of handicrafts to reach globalism.

Online services for Youth

As a general practice, the KSA Government provides general eServices targeting all citizens and residents without prejudice of their gender, age, religion, ethnicity, or other personal characteristics. However, to empower and encourage youth inclusion into public and social life, the government developed special initiatives and eServices. Some of the specific eServices include:

Educational and Training services

Employment and social protection

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