Beneficiaries Interaction Center (Amer)

This section provides information on the public inquiries service launched by the GOV.SA Platform through the Beneficiaries Interaction Center (Amer) aimed at providing support and information in relation to the platforms e-services and transactions provided to the beneficiaries. Here, you will come to understand the role of (Amer), the various communication channels it provides and its overall objectives.

The Role of the Beneficiaries Interaction Center (Amer)

The Beneficiaries Interaction Center (Amer) is effectively involved in supporting the government agencies via the Unified National Platform GOV.SA and various e-communication channels. Its role revolves around responding to public inquiries and providing technical support to the e-government services that are provided from the government agencies to citizens.


Communication Channels

Amer provides support and responses to inquiries in Arabic, English by qualified employees via the following channels:


GOV.SA Toll Free Email SMS 199099 199099
Live Chat Twitter Facebook Eshara



  • Providing information about the e-government services to citizens, residents and business sector via various communication channels.
  • Facilitating the process of searching and e-communication for citizens and all sectors.
  • Reducing the burden on the main service providers.
  • Scaling up the government sector’s rapid response.
  • Creating services and solutions that are fully aligned with the needs of disabled people and providing them via customized programs.
  • Acquiring information and experiences and defending the progress made in Information technology to serve the requirements of the ongoing and future phases.