List of Government Applications

This page allows the Unified National Platform’s visitor to access the approved government applications and mobile services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to government sectors.

Unified National Platform App

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
GOV.SA App The GOV.SA App aims to be a one-stop platform that provides access to all government services and information for KSA citizens and residents. Connecting them with services to make their lives easier by reducing the complexity of finding and understanding government services. More Hajj and Umrah_7


Government sectors that have launched applications for mobile devices

1. Healthcare Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Tabaud It is one of technical solutions, develop​ed to track Coronavirus spread. The App allows its users to know if they had contact with people confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus. Also, it sends proactive notifications to users, if any confirmed cases is detected through the App. during the past fourteen days, while maintaining data confidentiality. Hajj and Umrah_7
Sehhaty It provides health services for individuals in Saudi Arabia. Sehhaty aims to enable users to reach health information and medical e-services provided by different health organizations in the Kingdom, such as vital signs updates, tracking prescribed medicine, retrieving and sharing sick leaves, promoting a healthy lifestyle, integrate the Sehhaty Steps tracker with Apple HealthKit and other services related to the health of individuals and families and the health awareness. Hajj and Umrah_10
Tawakkalna It is developed to show the health status of its users through colored codes at the highest degree of safety and privacy. The App also allows individuals to contribute to breaking the chain of infection by reporting infected cases or gatherings that violate the adopted precautionary measures. Hajj and Umrah_13
Sehha for Doctors It is intended to provide medical consultation services through certified and carefully selected doctors under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The application can consult the doctor through text, voice or video conversations. The patient can also evaluate the experience after completing the medical consultation. Hajj and Umrah_10
Sehha It aims to provide medical consultation services electronically. The application allows its users to obtain medical consultations from doctors accredited by the Ministry of Health in all medical specialties. Hajj and Umrah_10
Mawid It aims to enable the patient and the recipient of the service to reserve their appointments in the primary health care centers in coordination with the management of appointments, where the application to book the appointment and modify or cancel in any hospital is referred to the patient. Hajj and Umrah_10
MOH Formulary It contains a digital library as well as Easy to Follow MOH Clinical Guidelines and Protocols to Assist Healthcare Professionals at point of care for improved patient outcomes and reduced adverse events. The app also provides comprehensive evidence-based resources for patient medication management, with the industry's most reliable clinical information. MOH Formulary
Daleel KKESH KKESH Hospital application (Daleel KKESH) is an indoor navigation system using Bluetooth technology. It aims to improve the experience of the visitors through an electronic system through which the visitor can determine the paths and directions through an audio and written system; To access the hospital services without the need for assistance or query, in addition to the application's support for the welcome and awareness messages programmes; To raise awareness of health culture. Daleel KKESH Daleel KKESH
CCHI KSA Do you have a complaint concerning health insurance? This application helps you report it besides getting information about the insurance condition and the authorized insurance companies in the Kingdom. Hajj and Umrah_10
Tamini Keep calm, this application helps users get authorized information about the registered drugs, their details, and authorized prices. It also enables them to search for lower-cost alternative, browse food products, registered medical equipment, and submitting reports or questions. Hajj and Umrah_10
Stop It It aims to raise the level of public awareness about the dangers of smoking, complications and harmful secondary effects.​ Stop It
Guide me (Arshidni) It aims to enhance the health awareness of the Saudi community about cancer, and to disseminate health care information and health services related to cancer patients.​ Stop It
SMS service from the Ministry of Health SMS is a common factor in many of the services offered by the Ministry of Health to subscribers. It is sent via mobile to subscribers of all services that need to be alerted and at every stage of the electronic service. It is also used to alert the portal to news, advertisements and awareness of disease prevention, epidemics and viruses.    
Yassero (SMS service from the Armed Forces Medical Services) An e-program that allows receiving patients' requests, whether they are services, complaints or suggestions, through the website, or by sending SMS message to the number 0550784444.

Mobile Clinics It was launched by the Ministry of Health to reach the largest possible number of all population centers. They are mobile buses equipped with the necessary medical equipment, mobile medical clinics, a laboratory, a radiology department, and a pharmacy; and an integrated team works in it to provide primary health care services (preventive and curative) to citizens and residents wherever they are in the regions of the Kingdom.

Patient Care A free App via smart devices provided by the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs that allows the patient to view his medical records, and provides several services, including: appointment list, laboratory test results, prescriptions, drug re-dispensing, and many various e-services. Patients can also track their health, exercises, weight, blood sugar and pressure from the “Sehaty” screen. Google Play Apple Store
Patient Portal It is an App provided by Prince Sultan Military Medical City to provide e-services to the city's patients, including: an appointment booking service, a review of upcoming appointments, a service for reviewing laboratory results, a service for reviewing radiology reports, and a service for reviewing dispensed drugs. Google Play Apple Store
My Visit It is one of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs’ mobile Apps. It provides a safe and convenient way to communicate with a patient virtually. Google Play Apple Store
My Clinic It is one of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs’ mobile applications. It provides a fast and convenient way to communicate with a doctor and get medical advice. Google Play Apple Store
Wateen Wateen is an initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Health that seeks to reduce the communication gap between donors and blood banks so that the blood donation process becomes easier. Wateen Wateen


2. Education and Training Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Rawdhatii A new method for managing learning electronically through an interactive learning environment that complements the lessons inside and outside the school, targeting students and parents, and the application includes many automated educational activities. Rawdhatii Rawdhatii
Virtual Kindergarten (Rawda) an integrated early childhood education system available to all those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether they are Saudis or residents.
Madrasati a new method for managing learning electronically through an interactive learning environment that complements the lessons inside and outside the school. The app is aimed at students and parents, and includes a lot of automated learning activities.
Madrasati - Results It reviews the results of the students for the current academic year, and displays the student's file, including the student's personal and study data, whether it is for the student himself or for the guardian and his students. It also displays the results of the student's grades throughout the school year, and his final results in the general education stages. It provides the ability to review the academic calendar and the upcoming academic event. To log in to the application, the user must be registered and active in the Noor system as a student or guardian of a student. Madrasati - Results‏
Safeer It aims to provide the services needed by students abroad more easily and quickly, and provides the most important and most frequently used services, such as follow-up status of applications on the portal, and modify the contact data in the Kingdom and country of study, In recommended universities, and other services.
Tawasol This service enables the user to communicate with the minister of education and the ministry's officials in all its sectors, submit proposals and inquiries, and give an opinion and follow his participation electronically.
IEN Portal The IEN Portal is an application available on all smart devices. It includes the Saudi textbooks for all levels of general education. It is supported by a myriad of digital content for students.
Tam It is an application to monitor the status of the Ministry of Education programs, initiatives, and projects to achieve the Saudi 2030 Vision.  
Your Training A service provided by the TVTC to all citizens and residents by providing the possibility to verify the existence of a license for facilities that provide training, as well as to verify the regularity of courses for a private training facility. The application also aims to enable citizens and residents to submit reports or observations on private training facilities, or any courses Training held inside or outside the facility. Your Training Your Training
Mawhiba This App adds an easy and enjoyable experience, which speeds up access to various Mawhiba programs, information and other services. It provides distinguished services for gifted male and female students in the Kingdom to review and participate in Mawhiba programs. Google Play Apple Store
Beneficiary Support ETEC works to facilitate access to its services and products through digital transformation. It used the latest technology to develop a user support application as a unified platform for providing support services and communication. Beneficiary Support Beneficiary Support
MyKKU App provides a range of services to all King Khalid University employees, including students, faculty staff, and visitors. Google Play Apple Store
It provides E-services to all categories of KAU users (Student, Faculty, Employee and visitor) . It allows them to take advantage of KAU electronic services easily and quickly. Google Play Apple Store
It provides all university's important information and enables following up the university's latest news and events. It also enables all university affiliates including; students, employees and faculty members to log into the university's e-portal and review e-services. Google Play Apple Store
It enhances your digital IAU experience with immediate, one-stop access to all IAU things. It provides essential IAU information & services anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. It also provides a variety of features for students, visitors and university staff. Google Play Apple Store
KSU Students e-Services
It allows students of King Saud University to benefit from the services of the Deanship of e-Transactions and Communication with the University, and the Deanship of Registration in an easy, interactive way and a great user experience. Google Play Apple Store
It allows learning about the history of the university, its medical facilities and endowments, its latest news, the university calendar and official holidays approved in it, inquiring about transactions, the result of appling for graduate studies, checking the introduction letter, and communicating with the university.
Apple Store
Taibah University App
It provides a range of e-services for students, faculty, employees and community members, making it easy to access e-services anytime, anywhere. Google Play
TU App
It provides a range of e-services for students, faculty, employees and community members, making it easy to access e-services anytime, anywhere. Google Play
PNU Student eServices
It is an application for students of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, through which they can take many services in an interactive and simple way. It provides all these services, at any time and anywhere, with the integration of Academic System, Library System and many other systems in the University. Google Play


3. Security and Safety Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Absher Individual An application that offers multiple electronic services to establish a connection among governmental and private sectors. It helps users implement their transactions easily with the feature of receiving notifications in the user’s profile.
Absher Business The new ABSHER business app on your phone would allow you to perform all your ABSHER platform services with a customized experience to browse data and documents related to your establishment workers. Using ABSHER business app, you will be able to use your biometrics as an added layer of security when you navigate the application. ABSHER Business
My Services- Al Jawazat The application allows users to identify the services provided by the Directorate, and to know the required documents and the procedures to be followed to take advantage of their services such as issuing passports to citizens, expatriates and investors, issuing visas and procedures for citizens and expatriates and investors. It also provides a complete list of locations and telephones offices and branches of the Directorate in all regions of the Kingdom, That of services.
Muqeem It allows organizations to review its resident workers data and complete their transactions online, anytime and anywhere. Google Play Apple Store
Kolluna Amn A tool that makes citizens and residents part of an interactive technical security system to speed up rescue operations and minimize damage and loss by sending a message, uploading pictures, video or audio recording.
Salamati The user can report safety violations in public or private establishments and public places, so that the amount will provide a notice in the event of monitoring any violation in public safety, and it is necessary to inform the civil defense to address them and take necessary action.
SMS service from the Ministry of Interior A free service from the Ministry of Interior for citizens and residents, which consists in sending SMS messages to the subscriber’s mobile phone to keep him informed of the most important changes affecting his e-record in the Ministry’s systems, in addition to the records related to his record such as family members and recruited employees. The service aims to achieve the following benefits: 1- To establish transparency and reassure the subscriber about the correctness of the information in his records, by informing him of the most important operations carried out immediately upon their registration. 2- Remind the subscriber before the expiry of the documents (such as the license and the form), to avoid delay penalties and not be surprised by their expiry when needed (such as a passport). 3- Informing the subscriber to receive the printed documents centrally (currently the ID card). 4- Enabling the subscriber to change the password for the smart identity card, and to take advantage of the digital identity systems that authorize him to obtain e-services through the e-service portals on the Internet.

Mobile units in Civil Affairs An integrated unit that serves as the civil status office, in terms of ending citizens' procedures, scanning the decimal point and taking photographs. All of the above is linked to the database in the National Information Center. Objectives of the Unit: 1. Serving citizens who are unable to attend branches and departments of civil status with special circumstances, patients or the elderly and so on. 2. Serving citizens in their places of residence (universities, schools, patients in hospitals, ministries, government and civil services, etc.). 3. Serving citizens in villages and governorates where there are no civil status offices. The “Taqdeer” service may be requested through the “Absher”.    


4. Business Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Nawafth Monshaat This application remotely provides consultations in various fields including financial, technological, innovative, legal, marketing, and sales domains. The consultations are offered by subject-matter experts to entrepreneurs and owners of the small and medium projects over video and audio channels as well as in written form. The service aims at achieving stability, growth, and overcoming the challenges facing facilities. It also reduces the trend of failure and market exit.
Consultants Version - Monshaat It represents the link between the consultant and the beneficiaries of the service from the owners of ideas and entrepreneurs. monshaat monshaat
Monafasat An application for the electronic government procurement system project, which facilitates the procedures for competitions, tenders and government procurement in all government sectors. It also supports the principle of transparency between government agencies and suppliers, and facilitates procedures for suppliers and access to the largest segment of them, which increases the spirit of competition and quality. Munafasat
Agricultural Development Fund App It allows you to easily access the eservices provided by the Agricultural Development Fund, as it helps the customer to review his contracts information. It also provides an interactive map that helps clients access to the fund’s branches, offices and distinct service centers affiliated with it.
Tiqan It is a platform under the supervision of the Saudi Council of Engineers, aimed at automating and facilitating the procedures for requesting and receiving engineering consultancy services by linking public beneficiaries from individuals, companies and institutions from all sectors; In engineering consultancy offices and companies with its various specializations, through an integrated e-platform. Google Play Apple Store
Federation of Saudi Chambers
The app lets: See the latest news, Access to the press file, Board members login, Take events, Invitations received, Members Directory, Communicate with the Council. Google Play Apple Store
My Business Portal
The most important initiatives of the Riyadh Chamber to achieve one of its strategic objectives, which is to transfer by providing its services to the concept of "Electronic Chamber" using the latest advanced systems in IT field, so that the Chamber's clients can carry out their work with ease and ease, in an advanced and ideal work environment. Google Play
Chamber Appointment The Riyadh Chamber provides its customers, through this App, with the “Book an Appointment” service, which allows them to request an appointment to visit the Chamber and its various branches at the level of the Riyadh region and its governorates; To perform a service that is not available within the electronic services in "My Business Portal". Google Play
Asharqia Chamber
It provides its information and e-services to facilitate the user's access to information in the fastest way, and it is possible to know the latest local and economic news, circulars, events, occasions and delegations, as well as display the services of subscribers and branches and their locations on an interactive map, and provide other services to the Chamber. Google Play Apple Store
Jeddah Chamber
It allows Jeddah Chamber customers to access its information and e-services in the fastest way, and to review subscribers' services.
Apple Store

5. Trade and Consumer Protection Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Reporting Trade Violations It enables the consumer to file a commercial infringement report, with the possibility of attaching the infringing images and locating the site directly, as well as the review of the communication and its case, and allows to review the announcements of calls and campaigns launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and consumer news.
Tejarati An official channel for the Ministry of Commerce that primarily serves the merchant, based on his records, and provides a number of services, such as some testimonies. It is an additional channel that allows the beneficiary to access the ministry's services via mobile. Google Play Apple Store
Through it, you can submit your report and follow it up until the final processing is completed, and receive a response to your inquiry 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also allows you to evaluate the service provided and the response of the authorities, and includes guiding materials to educate the consumer about goods and services and the latest news that affects the consumer. Google Play Apple Store
Maroof It constitutes an authorized commercial register. Whether you are a consumer who wants to protect his/her rights when practicing online shopping or a n online vendor who wants to legally authorize his/her transactions, Maroof application provides a database on authorized stores in various fields. It also provides search, rating, and sharing features.
Al kahraba It allows subscribers to know the value of their invoices as soon as they are issued, the dates of separation of the service, review of the payment data and the historical state of the account, registration in the service of mobile messages and electronic billing service, and follow-up procedures or requests for the delivery of the service receipt, and provide detailed information on many other services provided by the company Such as the concessional payment program and other services.
Ta’akad It allows the consumer to check the quality mark and energy efficiency card labels for electrical products (air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators), tires, vehicles and lighting.
Fatoraty An application launched by the Consumer Protection Association to store invoices and warranties of consumer purchases so that the consumer can restore, share, and print them.


6. Human Resource Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
My Job Information It aims at highlighting selected services of the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development. These services provide the beneficiary access to information and documents provided by the ministry to the beneficiaries, in addition to the provision of new services such as salary accounts that provide the beneficiary the choice of his career ladder and salary and degree and the introduction of the allowance and to show his salary information, and through this information can calculate the retirement salary, Ministry messages, through which messages can be received from the ministry.
Hisab Al Muwaten It makes it easier for the user to view all the details of the account, the details of the financial payments, the results of the objections and other services provided by the citizen's account.
Ma’an Whenever you behold a violation of the labor law in the Kingdom, this application makes you a partner in seizing the violation by submitting a report, assigning the location, and even attaching documents.
Ta’minati The application for the beneficiary of the services of the General Organization for Social Insurance provides a range of services such as the monthly pension account expected based on the date and percentage of a certain increase and the submission of the application for payment of retirement benefits, and the offer to qualify for the "Sand" And other services.
Ethrai An e-platform for the "National Distance Training Program" initiative, one of the initiatives of the Institute of Public Administration, which aims to raise the efficiency of civil servants by developing their skills and increasing their knowledge through an interactive electronic environment with ease and ease. It also allows all its visitors to register and benefit from many knowledge and enrichment services in the areas of administrative development and modern management practices. Ethrai Ethrai‏
RCJY Careers It allows you to search and submit for jobs at the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu in an easy and practical manner. The app also allows job seekers to view the latest positions available and its specifications. RCJY Careers RCJY Careers
SMS service from the Ministry of Human Resource The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development is keen to communicate with its target audience by all possible means, such as mobile services such as text messaging, to communicate with the beneficiaries of all its electronic services such as the system "JDara" and the system "helped" and "administrative communication" and the training program and scholarships, By sending information that enables the ministry to provide better service.    


7. Municipal Services and Housing Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Balady 940 It introduces a new channel to report violations related to municipal services in all neighborhoods, streets and roads of the Kingdom in the form of "photos and send", where the letter is identified and added to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to transfer the communication to the relevant authority.
Foras It allows users of Ministry of Labor and Social Development services to availa a number of services including a query service for an expatriate, a "SADAD" number, and a query about a facility. The beneficiary can inquire about the status of a service request, opening an establishment file, and other services.
Balady Al-Riyadh A special App. for the Municipal Council of the Riyadh Municipality, which aims to improve and increase the effectiveness of communication between citizens and members of the Municipal Council to view and follow up on citizens’ complaints, and to contribute to the development of a mechanism for setting and scheduling meetings and meetings of the council’s committees, and its activities. Google Play Apple Store
My reports It allows residents of the eastern region to report any violations related to municipal services provided by the eastern region secretariat, and to send them to the Reporting and Emergency Center 940. The types of reports that can be reported include: markets and public health, environmental sanitation and vector control, public hygiene, maintenance of parks and municipal facilities, maintenance of roads and public service networks, maintenance of lighting, and billboards and advertisements. My reports
Mullak It seeks to regulate the relationship between the owners and occupants of the joint property units through the development of regulations and regulations and the role of education and awareness, ensuring the preservation of rights and good use and promotes a culture of co-existence.
Sakani The purpose of that application is to facilitate the provision of adequate housing for Saudi families due by providing housing support commensurate with their needs.
Real Estate Agents In this application, the search function helps users get information about the real estate buildings in their neighborhood and communication with their agents. Users also can get information about the regulations and laws of the real estate sector and submit reports about real estate issues.
Real estate consultant - beneficiary When it comes to the best way to own a home without financial difficulties, the Real Estate Development Fund allows you through this application to communicate with the real estate advisor, submit your inquiry and obtain the appropriate recommendation.
Real Estate Consultant - Business
It allows Banks/Financiers of beneficiaries' projects registered via credit advisor service offered by REDF in KSA, to: Manage and track opportunities with the beneficiaries, Get notified once new opportunities have been assigned, Manage listing of employees (Bank's Employees), and View Profile Information. Google Play Apple Store
Etmam It reviews the requests submitted through the Etmam platform, tracks their status, and reviews all the services it provides (Etmam), and the requirements for each service. Through the application, it is possible to book an appointment to benefit from services and consultations, and to submit a support ticket to the real estate developer and follow up on its status. The application also provides contact information with the center, branch locations, and statistics on the real estate developer's requests. Etmam‏

8. Enviornment, Water and Agriculture Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture App Are you concerned with agriculture? Do you have a farm? Do you own an animal wealth? This application helps you review invoices, obtain the license of digging wells, and get information about the agricultural positions. It also provides a directory of services for 7 sectors: water, agriculture, livestock, environment, fisheries, land and space, and general, specific to individuals, the business sector, government agencies, visitors, and voluntary associations.
Murshadik Murshadik Application provides guidance services in various agricultural areas that will increase the level of agricultural services in Saudi Arabia to its highest level. This application provides various services to users including Smart guide, markets, bean pests, agricultural analyses, weather, request consultation.
Riyadh Plants It includes more than 300 plants that are categorized based on their species, the environment it can grow in, the amount of irrigation it needs, the suitability to Riyadh city’s climate, and the amount of heat and desertification it can endure. Google Play Apple Store
Riyadh Air Quality It displays accurate indicators taken from 17 stations spread across the city of Riyadh, on the level of suspended particles and gases in the city's air, in an instant, and in a way that is accessible to everyone. Google Play Apple Store
Saudi Irrigation Organization App It allows you to follow the latest news of the institution and share it through social media. It also provides other services, including: Reporting service, through which you can submit a report with the ability to add attachments and locate the report.​ Saudi Irrigation Organization App
National Water It helps you to implement more than 30 services more easily, including: electronic payment, requesting a water tanker, submitting an objection to the bill, activating and temporarily closing the meter, requesting for connection to water and sewage, requesting permission to wash tank, submitting a report about water shortage, and many other services. National Water‏ National Water‏

9. Industry, Mineral Resources and Local Content Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources App Through it, you can follow the news and events of the Ministry, and quickly access its electronic services, in addition to direct communication with the Support Center. Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources App Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources App
Saudi Industrial Development Fund App The fund's official app, which provides a number of information and services of interest to the investor in the industrial field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is continuously updated. Saudi Industrial Development Fund App Saudi Industrial Development Fund App
Modon App Find Saudi factories, types of industries, find ways to communicate, discover industrial cities with maps, and share with us in comments and photos. It also allows you to easily access many of the information that interests you, available on MODON's website and accounts, in addition to some services such as integrating the emergency notification service and e-services. Modon App Modon App
Badir A reporting system that allows residents of Jubail Industrial City to submit reports to the Royal Commission in Jubail to be directed and acted upon easily, quickly and in an organized manner. bader bader
Saudi Factories The application provides detailed information about Saudi factories, and the factory can be searched using the name, products or industrial activities. Google Play

10. Justice and Legal Affairs Sector 

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Saudi Laws Directory Do you want to know the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? This application helps you browse the laws, search them, and save the required articles.
Ministry of Justice App Through it, the Ministry of Justice provides a range of services of interest to beneficiaries, including: Judicial Services: Inquiries about cases and appointments using the official ID. Agency services: Mobile Notaries Services: A free service provided by the Ministry of Justice to beneficiaries who are unable to come to notaries offices. Execution services: inquire about execution requests using the official identity, and inquire about an execution request. Property registration services: online application for real estate emptying. Inquiry about the legal guardians: by the name of the authorized person or by searching in a specific area. Lawyers query service: by name of the lawyer or searching in a specific area. Hajj and Umrah_7
Najiz It aims to achieve beneficiary satisfaction by keeping pace with the digital transformation process in the Ministry of Justice, and achieving the objectives of the national transformation through the ease and high availability of services; So that the application is an umbrella that brings together all the services of the Ministry of Justice in accordance with the highest modern technical standards. The application includes all services of the judiciary, real estate, execution, personal status, agencies, lawyer services, marriage officials and others. Hajj and Umrah_7
Taradhi It aims to activate reconciliation at the Ministry of Justice, and to enable the parties to the case, the ministry’s reformers, and the registered reformers to meet in real or virtual terms, and to practice the reconciliation process; To reach a solution acceptable to the parties to the conflict, through fully automated procedures from the beginning of the submission of the reconciliation request until its end. taradhi
It allows individuals and commercial establishments to perform many notaries services without visiting them, by searching for notaries accredited by the Ministry of Justice, and requesting their presence to complete your work at any time and anywhere. It provides the following services: issuing and rescinding power of attorneies, documenting financial statements (debt acknowledgment), documenting real estate voids, and documenting corporate contracts. Google Play Apple Store
A leading auction platform that enables beneficiaries to easily and securely conduct auctions and put up assets to be sold. It also allows participation in various auctions from anywhere in accordance with the laws of holding auctions, buying and selling in the Kingdom.
Apple Store
Board of Grievances App It provides all the services of the Board of Grievances to individuals, as it enables the user to obtain a lot of information about the Board, its headquarters, courts and their locations. It also enables him to browse judicial blogs, rules and regulations, Diwan news and advertisements, and many other advantages. It also allows inquiries about the following electronic services: inquiring about a transaction, inquiring about the status of a case, reviewing the sessions, reviewing the judgments, detailed inquiries about the case, my appointments, my cases, proof of attendance, and verifying the authenticity of documents. Hajj and Umrah_7
Guide to Saudi Human Rights Systems An application on the human rights Systems guide in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which includes the following tabs: instruments, human rights, reports, and Saudi regulations.
Right It provides the following electronic services to the Human Rights Commission: submitting complaints and consultations, expressing an opinion on international instruments, expressing an opinion on advertising projects, requesting collaborative field training, and requesting publications, magazines and awareness publications.
Mobile Notaries A free service provided by the Ministry of Justice to beneficiaries who are unable to attend the writings of the elderly (70 years or older), patients with disabilities, hospital guests, care homes and observation.The service enables the applicant to receive the notary in their positions according to the available dates. The service is provided immediately without the need to review the notary.


11. Financial Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
MOF Portal It provides some contents of the Ministry of Finance’s portal; to ensure access to all users from anywhere, on their smart devices, directly and easily. MOF Portal‏
Saudi Currency It is an interactive tool for exploring the sixth issue of Saudi banknotes. This application allows users to discover the security features of the new banknote issue brought in circulation in 2017. It also shows in an interactive way how the security features react when a banknote is tilted, held against the light or examined by a magnifier glass.
ZATCA, is the official app of The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority that enables taxpayers to manage their zakat and tax profiles among wide collection of services and benefits, here is the most important benefits: submit the estimated zakat declarations, submit VAT declarations, view invoices due, view zakat and tax certificates, and submit refund requests. This app protects privacy and information security, users can view all commitments and information related to commercial entities easily and safely. Google Play Apple Store
Zakati It aims at granting individuals the option to pay their Zakat to the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority. It also provides easy access to Zaqati's public services, which includes Zakat and payment through Sadad, Mada and other services.
VAT It offers multiple tax services including a tool to help organizations calculate the value-added tax (VAT). It provides a service to ensure that the organization is registered using the tax number, the commercial register, or scanning the code of the organization’s registration certificate. Moreover, users can report tax violations with a feature to attach the photos and assign the violation’s location.
Saudi Customs It helps the users to get information about their transactions at the Saudi Customs Authority. It offer them functions like searching for private laboratories, using selective tax calculator, and browsing custom tariffs.
Simati SIMATI Mobile App, a best in class App, enables you to access your credit report anytime, anyplace and help you stay on top of your finances on the go, which is a must in today’s era. There is a lot you can do with our new improved mobile App: - Generate your personal credit report - Track your credit health - Generate your credit score - Enable notifications - Know your payment history - Features like setting your personal profile picture, financial calculators to name a few SIMATI‏‏


12. Tourism and Travel Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Visit Saudi An official interactive platform under the supervision of the Saudi Tourism Authority, which is a tourist guide for all the tourist sites, restaurants, markets, amusement parks, hotels, beaches, museums and parks in Saudi Arabia, supported by pictures. It also offers many advantages of interest to the tourist, and contains many tourist services such as: hotel reservations, flight reservations, an updated guide to events, and maps guiding the sites of tourist places; Which makes it easily and easily accessible. Visit Saudi‏
Experience AlUla It enables you to discover the city of AlUla as one of the newest and most interesting travel destinations in the world, one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula, and the home of Al-Hijr - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It helps you plan your trip. Experience AlUla Experience AlUla
Riyadh Guide It enables users of the road network in Riyadh to benefit from modern technologies to perform their daily commute with ease and ease. It contains 3 features: a navigation program with updated maps of the city of Riyadh (no need to connect to the Internet), updated real-time information on the state of traffic congestion (internet connection required), and up-to-date and accurate information about traffic diversions resulting from the Riyadh metro project (internet connection is required in case of updating maps only), plus other features. Google Play
Tourism Complaints And Reports It helps users to submit complaints and suggestions as well as reporting violations to the Ministry of Tourism. It has the features of attaching photos and GPS through Google Maps. Users can view and track their submitted complaints.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MOFA One of the channels to access the Ministry's services, through which a set of services can be implemented that target different segments of beneficiaries (individuals, businesses, and government).
Apple Store
Saudi Airports If you are traveling through any of the Saudi airports, this application helps the user to view and track the flight, allocation the car parking inside the airport, and other services such as restaurants, banks, tour agencies, etc.
SAUDIA It provides a great travel experience on mobile phones. The app has features that help ALFURSAN members and guests to manage their profiles and miles, book and display their trips as well as checking-in and getting flight info. Google Play Apple Store
SAR Saudi Railway It gives you instant access to booking your trip, buying ticket, check in online and save boarding pass directly to the app. This safe and secure travel tool helps you plan and stay connected with your travel plans anytime, anywhere. It provides the following services: search and book train trips online, manage booking, e-tickets, boarding passes. Google Play Apple Store



13. Islamic Affairs Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Eatmarna Based on the responsibility of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for the service of the guests of Rahman, it launched the (Eatmarna) app. to enable those wishing to perform Umrah and visit to request the issuance of permits to enter the Two Holy Mosques to perform Umrah, visit and prayers according to the capacity approved by the concerned authorities to ensure the provision of a spiritual and safe atmosphere that achieves health precautionary measures and controls And the regulatory system, in integration with the 'Tawakolna app.', to verify the safety of the health condition of the permit applicant.
Smart Hajj App It provides pilgrims with important applications as a gift from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a view to serving them by delivering unique digital services during the Hajj and Umrah journey. The services cover all the holy places, including locating and navigating them, defining rites, detecting Qibla (Kaaba) direction, and sending notifictions of rush hours to avoid them. It also furnishes technical guidelines/manuals and health applications. It groups several government apps that benefit pilgrims in the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah in a modern technical manner.

Shaaer smart card

It is the official Hajj application launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve the pilgrims and facilitate the performance of their rites in a spiritual and safe atmosphere following health and regulatory control and precautionary procedures. The applications serves as a digital identity for the pilgrim. It contains his personal, health, and housing information, providing him with many qualitative services and enables him to record his health information and review the schedules, as well as gain knowledge of the Hajj program. The application also allows the pilgrim to know the assembly points and departure times from his housing in the Holy Site, enabling him to choose meals through the menus allocated and receive alerts from the control center. Through the application, the pilgrim would find it possible to evaluate services provided to him through the every to continuously improve and raise the level of satisfaction for achieving a safe and healthy Hajj Journey.
Tarwiah Tarwiah
Luma` Al-Adhkar It is one of the official Apps of the General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque, and it is concerned with all visitors to the Meccan and Medinan sanctuaries, and helps them to know everything they need about Hajj and Umrah, including its characteristics, Sunnahs, prohibitions, supplications and remembrances. Google Play
General Presidency App The official App of the General Presidency of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It introduces the ritual of enjoining good and forbidding evil, reviewing the news and activities of the General Presidency, and receiving requests for electronic services. It also allows you to report what is within the Presidency authority, with the possibility of specifying the location automatically or manually, with complete privacy and confidentiality. Google Play Apple Store


14. Telecom Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
CITC App It provides information about the communication services of the authorized companies in the Kingdom. Users can realize their registered phone numbers, submit complaints about communication services, track their transactions, and view the recent authorized offers.
Saudi Post | SPL You want to track where your shipment is? You search for the address of post offices? You want to know the shipping cost? This application provides answers about the shipping services of the Saudi post.


15. Media and Culture Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Rasd Now An application for the Ministry of Information provides curated domestic and international news and summarized stories in Arabic for all users. rasd rasd
Saudi Press Agency App The means of wired and wireless communication in the Kingdom provided great possibilities for the rapid spread of the news agency’s services inside and outside the Kingdom, and placed them within the reach of the various audio-visual and print media, as well as government departments and institutions that participate in receiving the agency’s daily broadcast services from the agency’s main headquarters in Riyadh.
King Fahd National Library App It provides a set of services related to the library, such as: the latest news, recently deposited, rare photos, and a number of electronic services that allow the user to log in with his personal account, and benefit from the services in an easy and fast way. King Fahd National Library King Fahd National Library
Media Center - Royal Commission in Jubail It provides the ability to view the Royal Commission for Jubail news, press file, tweets from the Twitter account, and view communication channels.
Media Center - Royal Commission in Jubail
Alula FM A diverse Saudi cultural and entertainment radio station that was launched to enrich the cultural, knowledge and heritage content of Alula, introduce visitors to the archaeological treasures it contains as a global destination for heritage and culture, and participate in various knowledge and cultures. Google Play


16. Sports and Entertainment Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Sharek It is KSA’s first interactive sports platform, by the Ministry of Sports, that hosts, organizes and manages sporting events of all kinds in the Kingdom. Whether it’s largescale tournaments or community programs, each event is designed around the needs of the public. sharek sharek
Saudi Tickets The main Platform of ticketing in Saudi Arabia, the application is build to provide a unique user experience for the user by making it easy for them to see book, and buy all Saudi Arabia football matches. All app provides all Saudi Arabia football match details (date - time - location- packages - prices, etc) also it gives the user the ability to book his favorite seat in the match`s stadium but selects it from the application. Every ticket has its own QR code that gives access to the ticket holder to enter the match stadium from its specific gate making it easy to get in the match. The application supports a variety of payment methods. The user can also choose his favorite team will he sign up in the application to follow its news and matches. Saudi Tickets Saudi Tickets
Enjoy It helps users to plan an entertainment program based on their interests through browsing the entertainment activities all over the Kingdom. Users also can browse the calendar and search for a certain activity through over the whole year.
Faaliat   Do you have plans to enjoy fantastic time? This application offers the users a calendar of the activities, the events, and the ceremonies all over the Kingdom. The application forwards notifications about them including location, date, and time of registration.  
My Money (Malee) A unique educational tool launched by the Saudi Central Bank; To promote awareness and financial empowerment for children from 8 to 12 years old, and to prepare a financially educated generation, aware of the importance of money, and the need to preserve it. Maly Maly

17. Charitable and Voluntary Sector

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
National Volunteer Work Platform A Saudi incubator for volunteer work that provides a safe environment that serves and regulates the relationship between the entities providing volunteer opportunities and volunteers in the Kingdom. Volunteer Work Platform Volunteer Work Platform
Health Volunteering
An electronic application of the Health Volunteer Center  at the Ministry of Health, which aims to facilitate volunteer access to volunteer opportunities, and to participate in various initiatives in proportion to the volunteers' fields and skills. The application enables the volunteer to view his profile, follow up on his achievements, and facilitate means of communication and access to volunteer opportunities. Health Volunteering Apple Store
Wateen It helps you to book appointments to donate blood at the blood banks in the Kingdom, document the donation by scanning the barcode, and know the working hours of all blood banks in the Kingdom, in addition to other services. Wateen Wateen
Al Mostajeeb An application launched by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, which provides an emergency volunteer program. Al Mostajeeb Al Mostajeeb
Volunteer This application helps users to register in the volunteering service of the General Directorate of Civil Defense. Through the application, users can help others in hard times or be an active partner in volunteering projects. Users can establish and manager their personal profiles. They also can join volunteering training courses.
The official and approved interface for donations by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. It is unique in being a reliable App that includes the most prominent charities in all regions of the Kingdom, and non-profit sectors, which receive donations, charity and other aspects of giving. Google Play Apple Store
It provides an easy and reliable experience for benefactors by offering many donation opportunities in various fields of charitable giving inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the most deserving groups, thus contributing to maximizing the wage and achieving the values of community solidarity. Google Play Apple Store
Donate via SMS through Ehsan Platform A service that allows you to donate via text messages to projects in greatest need in various fields, by sending dedicated numbers, according to the value of the donation, to 5005. More

Appointments and Interact with Users

App/ Service Logo Features Android Store Apple Store
Morajea It allows you to reserve an appointment to visit government agencies. You can select an agency and choose available date and time. Google Play Apple Store
Shura Council App The official App of the Saudi Shura Council, through which citizens can send petitions that carry constructive proposals that serve the public interest. It also contains: the council's daily news, its sessions' agendas, its video sessions, the council's magazine, its most prominent achievements, and its decisions. Google Play Apple Store
Beneficiary It enables the beneficiary to request an interview with the CEO of the Royal Commission in Jubail and get an appointment, as well as sending letters to officials or submitting a suggestion or complaint, in addition to viewing the reports sent by the beneficiary. mostafed mostafed
With RCY It is an application to communicate with the sectors and departments of the Royal Commission in Yanbu which includes several services, including submitting a complaint, inquiry, suggestion, and interview request. With RCY With RCY
Watany It enables the citizen, resident and visitor to evaluate the services of public agencies in a transparent manner, and to share views on how to enhance and improve these services.