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The training course includes the principles of public health, general health requirements for areas where food is consumed, cleanliness of workers, supplies and materials, validity of food, types of food contamination, food poisoning, the causes and prevention of food poisoning and the principles of food storage. 

What you will learn 
- Principles of public health. 
- General health requirements for places of eating and their workers. 
- Hygiene of workers, supplies and materials.
- Validity of food and types of food contamination. 
- Food poisoning and its causes and prevention. 
- Principles of food storage. 
- Modern systems in the field of food control. 

- Food workers. 
- Food quality monitors in the tourism accommodation sector. 
- Workers serving food and drinks. 
- Individuals who have a desire to develop their knowledge and skills in the field.

The training program includes the following:
- 3 hours of distance learning via zoom. 
- Training bag. 
- Certificate of approval by the Ministry of Tourism. 

learning via zoom
02/06/2021 - 02/06/2021
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Food Safety
Ministry of Tourism
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