I am a benevolent

I am a benevolent

LelKhair Foundation arranges an event entitled "I am a benevolent" at Kore Studio in Riyadh on 15-17 Ramadan 1436  corresponding to (02/07/2015) -  (04/07/2015) at: 09:30 PM -: 11:30 PM in Kore Studio - Riyadh.

The purpose of the event is to instill the values of benevolence in children. The targeted audience include  children between 5-10 years old.  At this age  children begin to form their own personality. Our aim is to guide them through fun activities towards a positive learning experience of self-growth and Islamic values. Parents and adults are welcome to join their kids throughout this experience.

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  • 02/07/2015 - 04/07/2015
  • Riyadh - Kore Studio, Riyadh

Organizer information

  • 0541994177
  • Lelkheir
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