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1- Day 1:

Getting acquainted with the implementation of the computer network at various levels and explaining how it works. Understanding the concept of the network and the need for it with the implementation of the internal network with a practical demonstration on the CISCO Packet tracer program

2- Day 2: 

Identifying and implementing network devices in Computer network Distinguishing network topologies Distinguishing network architectures With a hands-on demonstration on the CISCO Packet tracer program

3- Day 3:

Knowing the difference between communication media Explanation of the basics of the 7-layer (OSI) system Differentiating MAC addresses from IP addresses With a hands-on demonstration on the CISCO Packet tracer program Learning Outcomes Identify how a computer network is implemented at various levels and explain how it works Understand the concept and need of a network Identify network devices and their implementation in a computer network Distinguish between network topology Distinguish between network architectures Know the difference between Communication media Understand the basics of the seven-layer (OSI) model Distinguishing MAC and IP addresses Prerequisites for training Saudi National Diploma and above in a technical discipline Medium English Language Quantum device pewter
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03/07/2022 - 05/07/2022
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Computer Network
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
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