Agile Scrum Master

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Training Topic Index

Day 1

Introduction to Agile Agile Thinking The Role of Scrum

Day 2

Agile Estimates, Planning and Monitoring Mechanism of Business Processes Complex Projects Adoption of Agile Learning Outcomes

The trainee will be able to:

Understand Agile methodologies and applications

Ability to understand the mechanism of business framework and methods

Apply critical best practices to obtain On the maximum value of the Scrum methodology, the ability to prepare and deal with projects on the JIRA cloud site.

Prerequisites for training:

Saudi nationals

Hold a diploma in a technical

specialization or above It is preferable to have an English language and a computer that provides a good connection to the Internet

04/07/2022 - 05/07/2022
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Agile Scrum Master
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
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