Data Science

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Training Topic Index Module
 1: Introduction to Data Science Module
2: Introduction to Machine Learning Module 
3: Deep Learning in Data Science Module 
4: Big Data and Hadoop Module 
5: Deep Learning Module 
6: Data Visualization
Learning Outcomes After the end of the camp, it will be The trainee is able to:
- Develop a deep understanding of core techniques in data science and business analytics: data mining, machine learning, visualization techniques, predictive modeling, and statistics
- Practice problem analysis and decision-making 
- Gain practical and applied experience with statistics programming languages and big data tools from During coursework and applied research experience

Prerequisites for Saudi training Bachelor’s degree in a technical, informatics or engineering discipline Intermediate to advanced level in the English language Foundational knowledge in mathematics and statistics

31/07/2022 - 20/10/2022
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Data Science
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
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