Infrastructure and Information Security

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Course Outline
Day 1: 
o    About Digital Infrastructure and Data Centers 
o    Information Center Operations, Specialty Certificates, and Information Center-Specific Skills
o    Networks (Network Software, Extensions, Certificates of Specialization and Job Title)
o    Server Operating Systems and Commonly Used Types

Day 2: 
o    Storage Equipment for Information Centers and its Types
o    Security Defense Systems for Information Centers 
o    Professional Certificates in the Fields of Infrastructure and Information Security
o    Professional Recommendations on CV Building and Experience Building

Important notes:
o    The lecture is free.
o    There is a certificate of attendance.
o    Ensure that the information entered in the registration form is correct, as the certificate will be sent the e-mail address provided. 

Live webinar broadcast via YouTube
07/09/2021 - 08/09/2021
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Infrastructure and Information Security
Attaa Digital
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