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During its development, the Saudi government paid attention to the youth as an essential pillar for the development of society. The youth have been in the field of scientific, knowledge, and skill construction during the past decades. Vision 2030 is witnessing a clear focus and broad interest in youth, it focused on the Saudi youth and the strengthening of his national role and giving to society. And based on the interest of Saudi societal institutions in human development, and the youth segment in particular, and their belief in the importance of concerted efforts among those interested in the field of youth work, this national initiative came to be the most prominent event that brings together entities working with youth from various sectors, through which issues of common interest are raised, ways of cooperation and integration between interested people at various levels are discussed, and the desired aspects of development in the youth sector are discussed to turn it into a participating and active sector in achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

11/12/2021 - 12/12/2021
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Youth Organizations Forum
Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development
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Last Modified Date: 06/12/2021 - 1:19 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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