Draft rules for reporting unknown Awqaf

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Based on the regulation of the General Authority for Awqaf issued by Royal Decree No. (M/11) and date 26/02/1437 H, and in accordance with the strategic plan of the Authority, including a pillar of the development of regulations and the governance of the Awqaf sector associated with the strategic objective of updating the regulations to be more flexible and appropriate to current and future needs. the Authority has prepared these rules as a reference for organizing the processes of receiving and processing unknown Awqaf reports.
These rules are aimed at:
1. Develop a regulatory framework for the reporting and processing of unknown Awqaf.
2. Reviving endowments and achieving the goals of maintaining, developing, developing, registering, documenting, and spending their proceeds in their legitimate spendig.
3. Encourage the public to report unknown Awqaf.

27/07/2022 - 27/08/2022
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Draft rules for reporting unknown Awqaf
General Authority for Awqaf - Hajj, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf Sector
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Last Modified Date: 07/08/2022 - 9:48 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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