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1- Fulfilling the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. (51) dated 6/2/1435 AH, by assigning the tasks of governing the Media content in all of its forms, traditionally and electronically. (Including the ethical perspective), to the General Commission for Audiovisual Media.
2- Enhancing the supervisory role by making it more effective, to ensure the quality of readable (Visual) content.
3- Expanding the scope, comprehensively and generally, to include types of organizations, and patterns for types of Journalism (press). Since the current law includes only one form of organization.
4- Contributing to the prosperity and freedom of the economic situation. Along with the growth of the internal and external media when changing the foundations in which the establishment of Journalism formation in the future is based.
5- Keeping pace with the rapid media, economic changes, and technical changes that require many modifications and implementations to the old law in order to meet the needs.

11/01/2022 - 10/02/2022
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Journalistic Institutions Law
Media, Culture and Publishing Sector - General Authority for Audiovisual Media
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