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The initiative of the Privileged Residency Permit Center is intended to draft new amendments to the provisions and procedures of the Privileged Residency Permit, based on its competence to supervise this activity pursuant to its Statute. Said Statute gives the Center the power to implement policies and maintain the Kingdom's economic, social and political development through the privileged residency permit.
Despite the multiple characteristics that distinguish the privileged residency permit from any other residency status, the Kingdom's goals and vision require granting distinguished non-Saudi persons a special status over other residents in the Kingdom.
The project aims to:
1. Clarify the procedures and provisions related to the privileged residency permit.
2. Make the provisions and procedures flexible.
3. Ensure that the provisions and procedures set forth in the draft law will be in line with the Kingdom's current and emerging objectives.

19/01/2022 - 17/02/2022
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Privileged Residency Permit Law
Internal Security, Civil Status and Criminal Regulations Sector - Premium Residency Center
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Last Modified Date: 08/02/2022 - 8:48 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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