Jeddah Historic District

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A UNESCO world heritage site,"Al Balad", is the gateway to the Holy Mosques, recognized by Mangabi Stone, Roshans, and restaurants serving food from all over the world. Trace your steps from Bab Makkah to Bait Nasseef to Masjid Al-Mi'maar, passing by Souk Al Alawi painted by infinite colors of herbs and textiles to learn about a living history of over 600 heritage buildings, more than 30 mosques, and 5 historic souks. Listen to mesmerizing tales told by streets and walls, before hearing them from its locals… Join us and experience our living heritage as we unveil the secrets of Al Balad.
AlBalad is hosting 2 festivals this December that you don't want to miss:
1. The Red Sea International Film Festival (December 6-15)
2. Saudi Feast Food Festival (December 7-16)

06/12/2021 - 30/01/2022
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Jeddah Historic District
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