The 10th National GIS Symposium in KSA


Damam University arranges the 10th National GIS Symposium at Sheraton Hotel  From : 22/07/1436 - (11/05/2015) To: 25/07/1436 - (14/05/2015) Start Time: 09:30 AM End Time: 12:30 PM

The event features a state-of-the-art exhibit, plenary, keynote speakers and technical sessions. It

would bring all stakeholders in the Geo-spatial domain - academia, researchers, students,

and the industry - onto one platform for interaction, sharing and discussion on various

topics such as collaboration on technologies and learned lessons.

Damam Sheraton Hotel, Damam
11/05/2015 - 14/05/2015
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The 10th National GIS Symposium in KSA
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