Draft of Controls of Electronic Evidentiary Procedures

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1.    Raising the efficiency and quality of the evidence procedures.
2.    Demonstrating the procedural rules for applying and enforcing the provisions of the Evidence Law.
3.    Building the view path of the evidence during a trial in an integrated manner, from the beginning of its presentation until its final decision.
4.    Defining the roles related to the evidentiary procedures and activating the role of the competent department in the evidentiary procedures.
5.    Determining the necessary time frame to ensure immediate procedure.
6.    Achieving the objectives of the law, including the following:
a.    Unifying procedural jurisprudence with regard to the Evidence Law in a manner that achieves stability for judicial rulings.
b.    Accelerating dispute settlement by stipulating legal rules and provisions that prevent the litigants from procrastinating in the evidentiary procedures, thus achieving full justice.
c.    Achieving precautionary justice, by drawing up specific rules and procedures for evidentiary.

21/04/2022 - 19/05/2022
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Draft of Controls of Electronic Evidentiary Procedures
Ministry of Justice
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Last Modified Date: 10/05/2022 - 10:50 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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