The International Remote Sensing Conference

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The International Remote Sensing Conference in Saudi Arabia is where global technology leaders in remote sensing will gather to share their latest advances in the field. This event is an opportunity for professionals from various fields to share their challenges, needs, and views with world-renowned vendors to unlock the potential for enhancing current business processes and to gain competitiveness within an ever changing business environment. The conference will provide a forum for professionals and practitioners from different sectors to access the most recent satellite-based and non-satellite-based imaging systems along with a wide-range of data acquisition systems. The forum will facilitate knowledge and information sharing between peers and industries, allowing for a broad impact.


Riyadh Riyadh Intercontinental Hotel , Riyadh
15/01/2016 - 16/01/2016
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The International Remote Sensing Conference
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology - KACST
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