Saudi Women Creativeness Festival

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The event will be held on 16 - 22 Mar, 2015 at Riyadh - Kingdom Centre - Women Kingdom
Floor, Sidana Hall,  Riyadh

A Saudi festivity to exhibit creative products developed by talented Saudi entrepreneurs and businesswomen. While highlighting the various business activities of Saudi women.

The event is designed to help female entrepreneurs market their products and highlight the innovations and talents. We focus on the diversity of products offered to meet all needs and tastes to bring distinguished exhibitors to make it easier to communicate.

We look forward to attract nearly 10,000 visitors to attend and to participate from
various cities of Saudi Arabia.

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Phone: +966538540855
Email: n.himeel@gmail.com


The First Organization

Phone: +966538540855
Email: n.himeel@gmail.com

Riyadh The First OrganizationPhone: +966538540855Email: n.himeel@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.n-exh.com
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Saudi Women Creativeness Festival
The First Organization
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