Hakaya Misk Riyadh 2


“Hakaya Misk” is a pioneering Saudi Festival at the GCC level focusing on content creation driven by cultural and educational values to motivate youth to express their ideas though writing stories, storytelling, painting, animation, production, and other forms of art.

The festival gathers local and international professionals in these areas of art with young people to take advantage of their experience and expertise through workshops, inspiring platforms, and displaying various services and pieces of art.

“Hakaya Misk” landed its feet in many cities around the Kingdom to maximize the training opportunities for young talents across the country. The festival incubates creativity and opens the skies for talents, new experiences, and creativity.

Riyadh Riyadh international convention & exhibition center
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Hakaya Misk Riyadh 2
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Last Modified Date: 15/07/2021 - 12:28 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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