The second annual conference group Immunology Blood

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The immune system can not protect the body from all diseases solely on its own, but sometimes it needs help. Doctors give patients vaccines to prevent some severe life-threatening infections, as vaccines and vaccines strengthen the body's ability to defend itself against certain types of viruses or bacteria. The process of giving vaccines and vaccines for prevention is called immunization or immunization. The scientific study of the immune system is called immunology, and the history of immunolo

From 2017/12/03 To 2017/12/03
 From : 10:00:00 am To 05:00:00 pm



Al Khubar holiday inn
03/12/2017 - 03/12/2017
Al Khubarinfo@sidg-ksa.com
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The second annual conference group Immunology Blood
Saudi Blood Transfusion Society
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