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The training course includes knowledge of the duties and challenges that front office employees face, how to deal with them, the most important protocols, and protocols related to beneficiary tourist accommodation services. Additionally, the methods of dealing with various types and behaviors of tourists, with providing the art of dialogue, solving problems, and taking the necessary actions. 

- Workers in the front office of the tourism accommodation sector. 
- Individuals aiming to work in the front offices in the tourism accommodation sector. 

What you will learn 
- Understanding the duties and challenges faced by front office employees and developing the skills to deal with them? 
- Learning the important protocols related to confronting the beneficiaries of tourist accommodation services. 
- Methods of dealing with various types and behaviors of tourists. 
- The art of dialogue, solving problems, and taking appropriate actions. 
- Taking advantage of modern means and tools to improve and develop work. 
- Important methods in writing administrative reports. 

The training program includes the following:
- 3 hours of distance learning. 
- Training bag. 
- Certificate of attendance from the Ministry of Tourism. 

learning via zoom
21/06/2021 - 21/06/2021
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Accommodation Sector
Ministry of Tourism
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