Destination Marketing

Recreation - Tourism
This training course includes the concept of tourism marketing, the main roles and characteristics of tourist destinations, the economic impact of the success of tourist interfaces, the elements of designing a tourism destination marketing plan, and the challenges and methods of overcoming them.

What you will learn
- The concept of tourism marketing and its main roles.
- Characteristics of tourist destinations.
- The economic impact of the success of tourist interfaces.
- Elements of designing a marketing plan for tourist destinations.
- Challenges and ways to overcome them.

- Individuals working in tourism marketing.
- Individuals who want to work in tourism marketing. 

The training program includes the following:
- 3 hours of distance training (Zoom)
- Training bag
- Certificate of attendance approved by the Ministry of Tourism

learning via zoom
23/06/2021 - 23/06/2021
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Destination Marketing
Ministry of Tourism
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