Women in Data Science Forum | Day 1


The Third Women in Data Science Virtual Forum 2022

Course Outline
•    Towards a Greener Saudi Arabia: Machine learning for early detection of errors in solar energy systems
•    Steps towards green and sustainable computing in Saudi Arabia: opportunities and challenges
•    Internet of Things in health systems
•    Sustainable transportation systems
•    The impact of weather changes on the Saudi Green  Initiative
Course Outline
•    The impact of data science on the organization's progress in the knowledge index
•    The role of data science in anticipating future professions
•    Data management in government agencies - quality and investment
•    The role of data science in the smart pilgrimage
•    Data science in crowd management
-Al Baha-
Course Outline
•    Data science in the health sector
•    Data science in precision medicine
Course Outline
•    Data science in cybersecurity
•    The role of technology in data-driven sustainability
•    Data science for urban sustainability
•    Data science: the path to wisdom
•    The future of investing in data
•    Data virtualization on the IBM Cloud Data Pack
•    Leverage the capabilities of a machine learning model on the IBM Cloud
•    Update your chatbot on WhatsApp with IBM Watson Assistant
•    Create your own digital visualization dashboard with Tableau
•    Breaking the barrier between data science and application development courses with POWERBI and ALTERYX
•    Prepare, analyze and visualize data using Alteryx and PowerBI
•    Power Platform for Power User - Power BI Technology - Dashboard in a Day
•    Data collection and preprocessing: tools and techniques
•    Artificial Intelligence Platform - Dataiku

Important Notes
•    The meeting is free.
•    There is a certificate of attendance.
•    Ensure that the information entered in the registration form is correct, as the certificate will be sent to the email address provided.

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05/03/2022 -
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Women in Data Science Forum | Day 1
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