Women in Data Science Forum | Day 3


The 3rd Women in Data Science Virtual Forum 2022

Course Outliune
•    The data pandemic in environmental sustainability
•    Data science for public health decision making
•    Data in marine sciences
•    Data science in oil and gas - how to help and not hinder the energy transition
•    A conscious journey into the future
•    How to be a data scientist?
•    Visual display of information
•    Discovering hate in Covid-19 tweets in Arab countries
•    Digital Health
-Al Hufoof-
•    Intensive machine learning course
•    Enabling the data science program in the service of scientific research - experiences and challenges
- Al Jouf-
•    The role of data analysis in following up and evaluating the performance of the implementation of government projects in Al Jouf

Important Notes

•    The meeting is free.
•    There is a certificate of attendance.
•    Ensure that the information entered in the registration form is correct, as the certificate will be sent to the email address provided.

Live Online Broadcast via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
07/03/2022 -
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Women in Data Science Forum | Day 3
Attaa Digital
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